Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday's with Rev. Kim on Breath of Life

Sunday's with Kim on Breath of Life is a new feature that I will be posting here at Breath of Life.

Welcome to my new feature. It's my prayer that you will be encouraged and blessed by following and becoming involved in this journey to love the Lord and His word.

I invite you to visit often. The Welcome mat is always here, as my ideas, insights from Gods word is blogged as often as I can.
Rev. Kim

Knowing God Better

Do you have a plan set to get to know God Better? Every January 1st we make commitments to be better a being a wife, husband, mother, father and etc. We make health commitments. What about our Commitment to Getting to Know God Better?

I recently purchased a book called MY TIME with GOD  15 Minute Devotions for the ENTIRE YEAR.
I have purchased other devotional books before and enjoyed them very much. Have not done one like this for some time, so when I say it I decided that I was going to make a commitment to myself and God to spend some different kind of time with the Master. 

So this morning I am going to start things out by giving you the scriptures for today. The first will be from the Old Testament. I will actual place that scripture here. Then the second one will be from the New Testament. I will give you the reference but you will need to look it up and read for your self. May or may not comment on reading, but that will be up to the Lord. 

Today we have two Scriptures out of the Old Testament.

The Lord says, "All you who are thirsty, come and drink. Those of you who do not have money, come, buy and eat! Come buy wine and milk without money and without cost. Come to me and listen; listen to me so you may live."  Isaiah 55:1, 3a

There is a river that brings joy to the city of God, the holy place where God Most High lives. God is in that city, and so it will not be shaken.   Psalm 46:4-5a

"Come to the Water of Life, for Jesus Is Coming Soon."

Revelation 22:1 - 21

Some reflection for me on this is that God is Always Always there.... it is "us" who stray. It is "us" who struggle through day to day and then we think of God. What He is saying to me here is that if I put Him first, Listen to Him first, Go to Him First.....  then life will change for me.    

What about you? What is the Lord saying to you? Are you listening?...  Leave a comment and some insight on how you are spending time with God.  

Also each day from here that I can I will give you the Scriptures and you can read or comment. But on Sundays it will be just a little different. Thanks for stopping by and spending Sunday with Rev. Kim on Breath of Life.

Have a wonderful week in the Lord!
Rev. Kim  


Elizabeth M. White said...

Thank you Rev. Kim for your Sunday postings. You are a blessing to us all. I hope you reach many and they realize the importance of turning back to God.

Rev. Kim Justice said...

Thanks Elizabeth M. White, appreciate the encouragement.

BLT said...

I am spending time by diving more into the word, just in general. I also really enjoy participating in good morning girl studies! I am also currently reading a few different books: Wrecked (by Jeff Goins), Radical (by David Platt), and This Momentary Marriage (by John Piper).

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