Saturday, August 11, 2012

Book Review: Convergence by J.D. Watts

Title: Convergence
Author: J. D. Watts
Category:  Adult Romance
Pub. Date: 12/2/2010
Publisher: TWCS PH
Format: EBook
Pages: 286
ISBN#: 098362321X

In modern times, mankind believes they know all that there is to know about the world around them. Arrogant in their ignorance, they travel through life completely unaware of the other beings in their midst, the other Children of Creation. Celestial Angels and Fallen walk amongst them unseen, while the third beings of creation, the Guardians, live along side them, protecting them from attacks of the Fallen.

Daniella Rossi is a nineteen year old college student who sees the world quite differently than those around her. From infancy, she was aware of the beings that walked among her kind who were not like them, as well as her own personal Guardian who watched over her. Dani always knew she was different, but she never dreamed the full scope of her importance.

Follow Dani as her life takes an unexpected turn when a new Guardian is assigned to replace her lifelong companion and friend. Much older, more experienced, and socially awkward, Nathaniel must learn to adjust himself to fit into Dani’s world in order to guard her without drawing unwanted attention. While the Fallen are determined to capture Dani, she and Nathaniel find themselves developing a bond that goes far beyond that of Guardian and charge. Facing the strains of a brewing war and forbidden affections, will they be ready for the coming battle? Will Dani be able to handle the truth of her existence and destiny?

My Review:  
My first opinion on starting this book was Oh My where is this going? I have started reading a lot more of paranormal and angel type books. But Author J.D. Watts has totally put a new spin on things!!

Daniella is such the type of character that you want to stand beside her and say "Look girl listen up and kick butt and take notes". In a good way that is. Author J.D. Watts has took a different look at how we are protected here on earth. The behind the scenes so to speak.

I believe in Guardians, Angels, and that the Lord does have them watching over us. But to actual take and read a book that takes you over to THEIR side of how things are. Well, I LOVED IT!!!

The story line flowed with such twists and turns that I was constantly wanting to know what was going to happen to Dani next. Her true feelings of loss, love, of being afraid not just for herself but for her actual Guardians.

Nathaniel, well... What should I say about Nataniel? So rugged, but softening. The descriptions of this character and his role in this story will, well let us say that you won't regret at all about falling for this Angel!

Okay, there are so many other awesome characters, twists and turns. and things that go on in this book that it will almost raise the hair on the back of your neck to try and say "Are They Real!!!

As usual I am not going to reveal any thing further, I feel you need to Read for yourself... And Believe Me, This one is a MUST READ!!!!

And for those reasons above I am giving Convergence by J. D. Watts a Breath of Life Rating of:

Five Clock Rating!!!!

Make sure you check out this great book the link is below, just click it!!!



jennifer zuna said...

sounds like something that i need to add to my tbr pile!

Beloved said...

5 clocks?? I may have to get to the bookstore.
Thanks for sharing (and adding to my to do list).
Peace and good.

Rev. Kim Justice said...

Thanks jennifer zuna and Beloved.. It will be one I may have to go back and re-read...

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