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Category: Southern, Romance, Mystery
Pub. Date: 01/15/2012
Publisher: Desert Breeze Pub. Inc.
Format: E-Book
Pages: 211

Prayer versus superstitions when a woman's husband is lost in the woods on a deer hunting trip during the Christmas season. As steamy as the hot, thick, sticky heat of Louisiana, this page-turner will keep readers in suspense, as the author spins a tale of love, loss, superstition, pain, heartache, and faith in God. God and the power of prayer versus Southern superstitions. Through belief, faith, hard work, the power of prayer, and God's help, this powerful, moving story is a thought-provoking Christian romantic suspense about a young couple who fall in love, but have to change her mother's mind in more ways than one, if their relationship is to survive. Can Andy convince June there's more to their relationship than friends? Will he win the approval of Myrtle, her mother, and can love survive strawberry season and an April flood? Will June be able to give Andy a child?  

My Review:    
Oh My, I was so caught up in this fast pace thriller that it was hard to put down. Author B.J. Robinson is an amazing writer. What an awesome ride, reading all of the storyline that she has put within these pages. 

The characters and the superstitions, the faith in God, all the thought provoking beliefs that author B.J. Robinson writes into her books will always keep be coming back for more. She writes as if she her self is part of the book and there fore you become part of the book. You are trying to make decisions or yelling at the characters to make decisions all the way to the end. And then, you are yelling or crying, laughing or just plain tuckered because you were in the book right along side the characters.

SOUTHERN SUPERSTITIONS is one book so chalked full of everything a reader would ever want. A Must Read!!!   
So due to the above, if I could it would be higher, I am giving this book a Breath of Life ratings of: 

Five Clock Rating!!!  

Disclosure: I received the above book in exchange for my honest opinion and review. Opinions are my own and yours may differ. 

About the Author:  
B. J. Robinson is an educator, author, and former newspaper columnist who was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. She's also an award-winning, multi-published author with numerous poems, articles, short stories, essays, and devotionals published, and inspirational romantic suspense novels. Her article "Honoring God's Calling" was published in the Fall 2010 edition of Together. Published devotionals include two with MustardSeed Ministries, seven with Standard Publishing in the Spring of 2010, and one in Words to Write By: Author Devotionals compiled by Robin Bayne. Another was published in 2011 in Hurray God! In college, her short story won first prize and was published in the university's literary magazine, and her first college essay was published. In the third grade, her pet dog story was published in a local newspaper. "Mother's Glimpse of Heaven" was published in FATE Magazine in 2002. "POD Publishing: What's to Gain?" was published in Christian Fiction Online Magazine in March 2009. A short story was published in Pebble Lake Review in the Summer of 2004. She won a trophy for First Runner-Up in a Florida Writer's Association contest in 2002. When she's not writing, she's reading and reviewing books on her blog.
B. J. Robinson writes inspirational Christian fiction in the romantic suspense genre from Florida, where she lives with her husband, a cat named Frankie, a golden cocker spaniel named Sunflower, and a golden retriever named Honi. Her children are grown and have made her a grandmother multiple times. She won first prize for a short story in college in fiction-writing competition, which was published in Southeastern Louisiana University's literary magazine, and she's had over a dozen devotionals published in a year's time and has had numerous articles published in local newspapers and anthologies. She developed her love for mystery through Nancy Drew books, her love for reading from her mother, who read fairytales to her before she began school, and her fifth grade teacher, who read the entire Laura Ingalls Wilder Little House series to the class. She grew up on Nancy Drew mysteries and read every one she could get her hands on, so she loves to include mystery and suspense within the pages of her own novels. Her love for writing came from God and her third grade teacher who submitted her first published story about her dog to a local newspaper. She's been writing ever since, and her first college essay was published. Her first-prize-winning short story has been published multiple times. She promises to take her readers on a continuous journey to another world. Reading and writing are her passions. Jesus is her best friend.
Her golden cocker spaniel, Sunflower, is a character in Last Resort for pet lovers. A German shepherd is featured in Whispering Cypress, a pet she and her husband enjoyed for many years, Dakota. A white cat is featured in Southern Superstitions, Cotton, a cat she enjoyed as a young teen. She's blessed with sons, daughters, grandchildren, pets, and faith. She's a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW), a graduate of Long Ridge Writers Institute, and a graduate of Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild, where she completed the apprentice and journeyman courses. She also enjoyed a creative-writing class years ago at Southeastern Louisiana University as well as journalism classes. She holds an Associate of Arts in Office Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Office Administration/Business Education/Secondary Education with a minor in English from Southeastern Louisiana University, where she graduated with honors. She holds a Masters of Science in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment through Walden University. Visit her at Last Resort, a Christian romantic suspense novel, released July 15, 2011. Southern Superstitions released January 15, 2012. Whispering Cypress , a romantic suspense, will release August 15, 2012. She makes her home in Florida with her husband and pets, blessed with children, grandchildren, and faith. She's an avid reader and passionate writer. Visit her author page at


B. J. Robinson said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the read. Thanks so much. You made my day! I'm so thrilled with this review. Blessings, BJ

Rita Garcia said...

Thanks for sharing this great review for one of my favorite authors. I enjoyed reading Southern Superstitions and look forward to B. J. Robinson's next book!

June Foster said...

BJ, congratulations on this awesome review. 5 clocks. I love it. I have to agree as I've read this book.

Anonymous said...

Great review! I do look forward to checking out your book too!
Keep it up, BJ

Valerie S. said...

I loved this book too! BJ Robinson is one of my favorite authors and I'm so glad you posted this about Southern Superstitions! :D

DeEtte Anderton said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful review! I have read some other of her works and enjoyed them very much. I am looking forward to reading Southern Superstitions more than ever now!

B. J. Robinson said...

Thanks for visiting, ladies. DeEtte, I hope you read this one. It's my favorite. June, glad to know you read it. Valerie, glad I know I'm one of your and Rita's favorite authors. Thanks so very much. I love hearing from my readers. Blessings, BJ

Rev. Kim Justice said...

Hey all, I am so happy you all stopped by and checked out my review. DeEtte, it is an awesome must read I am sure you will love it. Rita, June and Valerie I am glad you love B.J. also. B.J. Your one of my Tops...

B. J. Robinson said...

Thanks, Kim. Glad to be one of people's favorite authors :) Blessings to all of you. BJ

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