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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Here at Breath of Life I am now starting to share my love of  Bible Journaling.  The Breath of Life Bible Journaling will be posts where I share with you at least one or two of my pages from My Creative Bible that my daughter gave me for Christmas two years ago. I will also be sharing the Scriptures that coincides with them as well as possible chatting a little on my personal views concerning the passage.  
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Review: Christmas by Accident by Camron Wright

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Title: Christmas by Accident
Author: Camron Wright
Category: Christmas Romance
Pub. Date: 09/25/2018 
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Format: Hard Cover 
Pages: 240
ISBN#: 1629724769


Carter is an insurance adjuster whose longing for creative expression spills over sometimes into his accident reports. Abby works for her adoptive father, Uncle Mannie, in the family bookstore, the ReadMore Café. Carter barely tolerates Christmas; Abby loves it. She can't wait past October to build her favorite display, the annual Christmas book tree stack, which Carter despises.

When an automobile accident throws Carter and Abby together, Uncle Mannie, who is harboring secrets of his own, sees a chance for lasting happiness for his little girl. But there are so many hurdles, and not much time left. Will this Christmas deliver the miracle everyone is hoping for? Where love and Christmas are concerned, there are no accidents.  

My Review:  

Oh My, Oh My, I broke my number ONE RULE! Nothing, I mean NOTHING Christmas until Thanksgiving night! 

But when the chance of reading this Christmas book by author Camron Wright I just couldn't pass it up. And I am so happy I did. 

Author Camron Wright has made Christmas in September an wonderful thing for me. 
My daughter was teasing me the whole time because she knows my rules about Christmas.
And let me just say that I will be re-reading this one again after Thanksgiving this year.

Christmas for me has always been that special time of year that warms my heart, makes me feel blessed to have my family around me. And Christmas by Accident has made me remember some family special times for me. 

When Uncle Mannie, whom by the way is a favorite character for me, starts hoping or wishing lasting happiness for the little girl he has raised just makes some real emotions come to light. 

Carter has that well what I call man ideas of looking at things, and that is one of many many hurdles for him and Abby. Which kinda reminds me of the way I was and for the most part still am. She looks forward to putting up displays in the book store window. I love making Christmas special for each of my kids. I loved picking up special wrapping and tags for each and etc. 

Will Carter and Abby work out their hurdles or will the hurdles prove to be too much for them? I will leave that up to you to find out. 

And for the reasons above I will be giving this book Breath of Life's highest rating of:

Five Clock Rating!!

Disclosure: I did receive the above book in exchange for my honest opinion and or review. But the Opinions are my own and yours may differ.

 About the Author:  

 Camron Wright was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has a master’s degree in Writing and Public Relations from Westminster College.

He has owned several successful retail stores in addition to working with his wife in the fashion industry, designing for the McCall Pattern Company in New York.

Camron began writing to get out of attending MBA school at the time, and it proved the better decision. His first book, Letters for Emily, was a Readers Choice Award winner, as well as a selection of the Doubleday Book Club and the Literary Guild. Letters for Emily has been published in North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Korea, the Netherlands, and China.

His next book, The Rent Collector, won Best Novel of the Year from the Whitney Awards and was a nominee for the prestigious International DUBLIN Literary Award. The Orphan Keeper won 2016 Book of the Year, Gold accolades in Multicultural Fiction from Foreword Reviews, and was winner of Best General Fiction from the Whitney Awards. He newest book, The Other Side of the Bridge, will be released in March of 2018.

Camron lives with his wife, Alicyn, just south of Salt Lake City at the base of the Wasatch Mountains. He is the proud father of four children, all girls but three.
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