Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Book Review: Finding Romeo by Joana James

Title: Finding Romeo
Author: Joana James
Category: Romance
Pub. Date: 07/07/2012
Publisher: Fairr Helen Publishing
Format: Paperback
Pages: 380
ISBN#: 147818894

Daynia lives in the number one honeymoon destination in the world, yet daily, her own honeymoon seems further and further away. Her love life is consumed by a history of bad relationships and she is skeptical about moving on. The dashing Richard changes all that though when he walks into her life and sweeps her off her feet. Or so she thought.

Richard is haunted by his own past and is consumed with thoughts of his ex-girlfriend. Daynia is a welcomed distraction but when ex-girl Kayla returns to reclaim her beau, he's torn between the two.

Despite all the evidence in front of her, Daynia chooses to remain as Richard’s go to girl. Follow Daynia and Richard as they duke it out in a fierce love triangle that threatens to topple them both. Will Daynia win over her Romeo? Or will Richard never realize the value of the gem he holds in his hands?

My Review:     
A triangle of Love. Have you ever been there? Well reading this book brought back some memories of my own past. 

Living in what everyone calls the honeymoon destination in the world doesn't help Daynia get a fix on her own miserable past. Then falling for a man, Richard, who is trying to out run his own past really puts Daynia in the middle. 

Author Joana James writes an awesome story of romance, heartache in a beautiful setting. The twists and turns keeps you rooting for Daynia. But then again how much more can one girl take. 

Not going to give away any thing within these wonderful pages. Read for yourself and let it take you to another place where people work out their life's in an everyday world. 

And for those reasons above I am giving Finding Romeo by Joana James a Breath of Life Rating of:

Five Clock Rating!!!!

Make sure you check out this great book the link is below, just click it!!! 


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