Saturday, August 11, 2012

Book Review: RAMBLINGS from the SHOWER by Faye Bryant

Title: RAMBLINGS from the SHOWER
Author: Faye Bryant 
Pub. Date: 12/8/09
Publisher: BookSurge Pub.
Format: Paper Back
Pages: 210
ISBN#: 1439240329

What do you think about in the shower? And where do those thoughts take you? In "Ramblings from the Shower," author Faye Bryant shares some of the thoughts that have come her way during the mundane task of everyday hygiene, and how those thoughts have compelled her to ask, "What about this, God? What do You think?" Follow along as Faye shares through personal experience and revelation her conclusions on just what God does think. 

My Review:  
Man my first thoughts after receiving this book for review was "Oh Boy some one else hears voices in the shower."  =]  And that I was going to have some good laughs. Okay I did laugh, cry, felt her pain, and was actually all over the place with my emotions. But seeing as all these emotions were stirred up while I was reading this book, it was not the happy and funny book that I first thought it was going to be.

Author Faye Bryant takes you through pages of her life and how God helped her get to where she is now. 

I must admit that the book was great and that Praise the Lord, God does get us through in mysterious ways. But for me I was just a tad disappointed in the lack of comedy due to the fact that is what I was craving and looking for from this book. 

So due to the above I am giving this book a Breath of Life Rating of:

Four Clock Rating!!!

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