Friday, August 10, 2012

Book Review: Find It! Hidden Picture Book by Victorine Lieske

Title: Find It! Hidden Picture Book
Author: Victorine Lieske
Category: Kids
Format: EBook
Pages: 12
ISBN#: B007MCQT61 

 Children love to find hidden pictures. This little book has 10 activity pages with over 100 things for children to search for. The pictures are full color, but they work on the black and white Kindle too.

There are pictures of what to find, so young children who can't read can search. I put the pictures to look for on the same page, so you don't have to turn the page to find your things.

Amy the Alien is hiding on each page. (She's on the cover too! Can you find her?) Finding Amy was my 7 year old's favorite part.

This book has been revised to keep the puzzle on the same page with the items to find!

**Please note: This is not an interactive game. It is a book, like a
paper book, only for the Kindle. Kids look and try to find the pictures,
much like finding Waldo or the I Spy books.**

My Review:
 Okay I will have to say I had some help with this review. =]  I laughed so hard a couple of times that I had to tell the grandchildren and a neighbors daughter to hold on. 

I had two of my grandchildren ages 7 and 5 and then a girl age 9, next door to check this book out on my kindle. 

We sit out on my grandchildrens trampoline and they loved it!!! They would take turns trying to find things. They laugh and congratulated each other when things were found. It was great to watch them read the instructions and find the items. 

The book was on my kindle so it was a little small for three kids to be around. But let me say they did. I could only imagine if I had an actual book instead. 

So for the reasons above I am giving this book a Breath of Life Rating of:

 Five Clock Rating!!!

Make sure you check out this great book the link is below, just click it!!!



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