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Want Some Haunting, Romance, Exceptionaly Written Suspence?

Title: Haunted by the PAST
Author: Kelly Hagen
Category: Christian Romantic Suspense
Pub. Date: 11/17/2013
Publisher: TreasureLine
Format: Kindle
Pages: 136

Nadia never dreamed her life would be turned upside down, but that’s exactly what happened after her husband’s murder. After she receives a chilling letter in the mail soon after his death, she decides to move out of town, in hopes to leave it all behind.
Trent has been praying for God to lead the right woman into his life. As soon as he lays eyes on Nadia he knows she’s the one. But will the situation they find themselves in be more than he can handle? Will their faith in God be enough to bring them through the uncertain future Nadia faces, letting their friendship grow into more?

My Review  
Sweet, Haunting, Fabulous, Some where between Awesome and Outstandingly written. There was no part of this book that I did not or was not caught up in completely.

Author Kelly Hagen has written a out standing Christian Suspense story evolving around the main character Nadia. Murder, suspense, romance, and add in God. Yes, that is right. Do you let God direct your life? Or do you run? Is your faith enough to get you thru? Oh after so much that has happened to you or around you do you just push everyone including God out of your life? 

So many questions. And you really need to jump into to this amazingly haunting, romantically suspenseful, very well written story. From the front cover to the back cover I was unable to get this one out of my mind. I could not put it down. And I am praying that it will not be the last book from this absolutely wonderful author. 

I was able to set down with author Kelly Hagen and her family for brunch. I was so amazed at not only her writing ability, but her mothering of her family was so touching. Her children are so sweet and the love between them shows. And I feel blessed to have gotten to see and know just a little of that side as well as learning more about where she gets her stories from. 

You will be so blessed by reading this book. I recommend it to all who love good clean reading. 

So my Breath of Life book rating is:

 Five Clock Rating!!  

Disclosure: I did received the above book in exchange for my honest opinion and review. Opinions are my own and yours may differ.  


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