Friday, January 10, 2014

Book Blogger New Year's Challenge 2014: Day 10

Rachel over at Parajunkee is hosting what I believe is a awesome New Year’s Challenge. Click the Parajunkee above to check it out!  

Wow! Already at day 10. This has been great and has hopefully gotten me to start off this year trying my best to post as my schedule here says that I do. 
So with further a do:
Here we go on what New Things I am, well going to try and do this year. 
I would like to meet more authors in person this year. Emails and mail it self is just not as fun. Yes I do love getting them, but would love to meet and learn more about the authors and their books that I hope to pass on to my followers.  

I want to clear my last years tbr list this year. Yeah I know that my tbr list is long and I will even probably even add to it. But I have placed my tbr list that I have or had as of Dec. 31st on paper and that is the list that I want to clear by reading them. Will give actual number and list soon.    

This year I would like to utilize the library here. I used to go almost every day here, but since I now have internet here at the house for the past year and half I do not go. I actual miss it and loved using the study rooms, no interruptions.. lol 
I would love to be doing some other different types of reviews here: I know it is books that I love to get into but there are some of the books that have been turned into movies so possible, book to movie type post, I would not even mind other reviews of other things.   
I have started to do some of my own writing on another personal blog, not seen except by me. But I am thinking of sharing some on here as well. 
Okay  so there you have some of my ideas for this year that I hope to put into place. Do you have any New Plans for your blog for this year? Please leave a comment and let me know some of them. 


Becky B. @ Bibliognome said...

Nice list, I do like reviewing library books too because you don't feel as much pressure to review them as you do with ARCs.

I hope to collaborate with more blogs this year and comment more. :)

Becky B. @ Bibliognome said...
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Gay Lewis said...

Good ones. I might adopt one or two for myself.

Tabby said...

I went to 2 different events last year and got to meet authors! It was amazing and I plan to attend more this year. I hope you get to experience it too :D

I want to actually make a good dent in my TBR pile this year also!

Lizzy said...

Google thinks I work at the library, so I echo your love for it. That said, I typically get 10-15 books for the kid, one for myself...and the next week, we've read all 15 of those books a million times and I haven't had time to crack open the one book I borrowed.

*eyes the book*

I would love to read Book to Movie reviews. It's good to know if a movie is worth going to see or if the changes are too extreme for fans to enjoy.

Lenore Mullican said...

Looking forward to more :) Keep it up and good luck with your goals. I'm sure we'd all love to tackle that pesky TBR, and you'll save a lot of money visiting the library! I wish we had a good one to utilize.

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