Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Book Blogger New Year Challenge 2014: Day 7

Rachel over at Parajunkee is hosting what I believe is a awesome New Year’s Challenge.
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This kinda took me a little bit to not only think of but to make sure I put my top ten book blogger pet peeves. For one, I probably have or do things myself on my blog that would be others pet peeves. 

But since I signed on to not only do this New Year's Challenge when I checked it out, I must do this one as well and hopefully I will learn from it. 

 So here I go: these are in no particular order.

  1. Spoilers -- I don't mind little teasers.. but when you give away parts of the book that more or less give you the story. Well to me that is wrong on so many levels. First I want to read a book for myself. This is like after waiting for months to have a chance to see a movie that you can't wait to see then someone starts telling you about it without ceasing tells you about special scenes..   Then says "oh I'm sorry you haven't seen it yet..  UGH!!!
  2. Authors or populists after seeing you (your opinion) gave them a lower than a 4 rating wanting you to take it down...  duh.. it is your opinion, they asked for an honest review but when getting one from you they don't..  
  3. Followers that comment by totally disagreeing with your review.By trying to make you justify it even more than you already have. Or they want you to tell them exactly what page or chapter you were telling about. As like number one.. I don't do that type of reviews. 
  4. People who say that the only reason I blog about books is so I can get free books. First let me say that "Yes" I do get some free books, some ARC.'s, kindle, mobi, or actually books. But not all of my books are free. And even though some are, my reviews are my opinions, not the authors. I read because I love to read. I review because I love to get the word out about books and the authors. 
  5. If you are asking me to review, Please Please read my review policy. Especially if I point it out to you for the second or third time....  if you ask me to review for you then I comment back by asking you if you have read my policy and you come back with another email exactly like the first, then I ask again. Please don't send another email thinking I will answer then get mad when I don't. I can tell if you have or have not checking my blog out. 
  6. If I have your book to review, let me review it when I am done and ready to do so. I try to not make a commitment as to exactly when I am going to do a review. Unless I feel I can get the book read and ready to do it, and you need it done by then, that is my choice to add that to myself. But unless I have committed to a specific date, then don't hound me to do it. 
  7. It absolutely drives me up the wall when there are comments on a post that has nothing to do with the post. (Spams!)
  8. Coding: I don't even fool with it any more. I have a wonderful daughter who helps me I am a old foggie and just can't get all that jargan.. so glad I have a daughter whom I bug till she checks it for me.. 
  9. I go to my blog and there is only one or no comments even though I know there has been visitors or followers there. Please comment, even if it is to say that you didn't or did like the book. I would love to have more comments. 
  10. Okay my last one is actually one that I have been doing and didn't realize it till someone else let me know. Too many different labels. Not only for different posts but even on the same post. When trying to find something on my blog from previous post it takes me (or others) a long way around to find something. I am trying to fix it and hopefully will have my labels all fixed soon. 
So there you have it. Do you have pet peeves about reading, blogging? If so, please  comment below and let me know. 



Roberta R. said...

"For one, I probably have or do things myself on my blog that would be others pet peeves."
I thought about that myself when starting on my list. Scary, isn't it?
Number 4: how rude. And stupid. Maybe I'm being naive here, but I do believe in blogging for the sake of it. It may have something to do with the fact that I started out that way myself...
Number 9: yes, I can relate. And to think that it might be more interesting and rewarding for them than posting under a thread where there are lots of comments already - because they are more likely to get an actual response! LOL. But of course, people are often drawn to popular things.

Rev. Kim Justice said...

http://www.blogger.com/profile/18228840429799100354 Hey Roberta, totally agree. Thanks for the comment and for stopping by.

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