Book Blogger New Years Challenge 2014: Day 1

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014!!!  
As I was looking back on this past year, I have been sluggish to say the least. Some due to health some due to just well I will chalk it up to just not being on top like I should be on my blog. But as well I have come to the point that I do Love Love to read and review, meeting new people, and getting the word out about some amazing reads and authors. So when I read Parajunkee's  Book Blogger New Years Challenge for 2014, I said "I am in."  

Here goes my Day One Post and my very first post for "2014"

So here we go with Breath of Life's Book Blogger New Year's Challenge 1st post: 

Day 1: Breath of Life's Blogger Resolutions:

No. 1  Getting back to reading and reviewing basic's:

Realizing the main reason that I started blogging here. For Love of Reading and then to get the word out about some amazing books and authors out there that some may never come to know if we book lovers to tell. (again my reviews are my opinions and I always challenge you to read for your own. 

No. 2 Up Date My Blog:

I have come to be comfy so to speak in what I think is my taste. So this year I am planning on doing some classy changes every now and then through out the year to just give some fresh looks to my blog and posts. 

No. 3 More Engaging Post:

I know that in the past I have tried to do so and have fallen short. I am going to try my best this year to put even more provoking ideas and try to get my followers and hopefully more followers to comment and let me get to know you all better as well. 

No 4 Give more blog lovin out myself:

I have taken for granted the blogs that I follow by not always checking them out and learning more from them. Letting them know that they are being read and give out more caring envolvement to them as well as I want to give more lovin to my followers ie: bigger and better give a ways!!!  

No. 5 Do Not Stretch My Own Self to Thin:

I realized that doing this past year I had come to complacent and caught myself reading but not enjoying getting my reviews done. I love reading always have, but realizing that I was reading faster and really not enjoying or devouring the books that normally I would devour because I was "in" the book, but reading to just get it done due to time restraints.... I owe my books, authors and my followers more than that and I want to make sure that I do so.       

So there you have my first blog post of the year! And now for just a little challenge for my followers as well: Check in and let me know if you have read, reading or going to read something on my blog. Or if you have any suggestions for me to read. Would love to hear more from you all. 

Thanks goes out on here for the encouraging PARAJUNKEE!!!! 



Kristen said...

I know what you mean about reviews. I tend to wait until I'm in the mood to write them, which is good but sometimes writing them is a chore. And it shouldn't be... Great goals!

My Blogging Resolutions

Rainy said...

Great resolutions. Good luck and have a great new year. Lacie @ Rainy Dayz Reviewz

DelightedReader said...

I found myself reading books only to review and it became a chore vs a joy. I am hoping to get back to the books I want to read rather than have to read.

Good luck on all your resolutions!

Shari the Delighted Reader

Lexie said...

Agreed I need to stop stretching myself so thin as well. Its so EASY to do though isn't it? sigh.

Good luck!

Becky B. @ Bibliognome said...

Love your resolutions and have to agree on not stretching yourself too thin because it just leads to crazy stress over something that's supposed to be fun. :)

I'd probably recommend not having the captcha for comments too because if people are like me they can't read them half the time...

Unknown said...

I so agree about "getting back to why I started this blog in the first place"! Its so easy to get overwhelmed and caught up in the "how many comments did that get" "how does she have so many followers" deal. We are here because we love books & reading. The rest will fall into place eventually!

Thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting!

Kate @Midnight Book Girl said...

These are some great resolutions! I'm trying really hard to get back to commenting more. It really does make a difference.

I'd also agree that CAPTCHA can scare people off from commenting. The new numbers are a bit easier, but hard to read for people who might be commenting from their phones. Instead maybe disallow anonymous comments? That worked for me when I was on blogger.

Roberta R. said...

"Realizing the main reason that I started blogging here. For Love of Reading and then to get the word out about some amazing books and authors out there".

Same here! It's easy to put ourselves before the books...but getting the word out about less renowned novels is still my main goal too...

As for your blog, since you asked, I'd recommend to use less labels and maybe make up for them with a review archive by genre - I personally love to search for books that I might like that way.

Happy 2014!

Danny said...

Ha - I also read so fast that I cannot keep track on my track on my reviews. even though I know that my reviews are just better when written fresh. But then, I love reading so much that I keep pushing back the reviewing part!

Trish @ Between My Lines said...

Getting back to basics with reading and reviewing is a great one. I am trying to review books as soon as I read them this year, whenever possible as I know they come across better when I do.

Kim Justice said...

Thanks to Kristen, Lacie- Rainy, Shari Jung, Lexie, Becky B. (Bibliognome, Bunny Cates, Kate Midnight Book Girl, Roberta R., Danny, Trish Hannon, I have enjoyed the feed back and I am planing on trying my best this year to do better. Thanks again. This has been some eye opening posts.

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