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Guest Post: Why I Wrote The Word By Steps by Dave Gutknecht

Today I would like to welcome author Dave Gutknecht. We asked him to tell us Why he wrote his book The Word By Steps.

So please welcome him to Breath of life and lets see what his answer is.


Title: Why I Wrote The Word By Steps
Author: By Dave Gutknecht

Thinking about how The Word by Steps came into being, two events stand out in my mind quite clearly.  They both happened about the same time in 1991. One involved my 17-year-old son, Zachary, and the other involved my work with a church in southern California.  It is always fascinating to me how God weaves together His purposes in our lives.  It reminds me of one of my favorite movies, Mr. Destiny.
In the film, Michael Caine, a personification of destiny, was explaining to James Belushi how our lives and choices affect so many other people and circumstances beyond ourselves. Then, as if by magic, he waved his hand and intersecting circles appeared which showed how all events are linked together.
In a similar way in my own life, my son Zachary came to me one morning and asked if I knew how he could read through the Bible and understand what God was saying to him through His Word.  I told him that I would give this some thought and prayer and get back to him.  At that same time, I had just agreed to become the interim pastor to help a church that had lost its purpose and vision.
After spending time in prayer, God began to give me insight into how I could help both my son and this congregation grow spiritually.  Both involved discovering the riches of God’s Word, which has always been linked to revival, spiritual growth, and restoration.
The next Sunday morning, during the message, I spoke from the book of Nehemiah about how he was called by God to begin rebuilding the city of Jerusalem, which had been destroyed. I said that God used Nehemiah, who is a picture of the Holy Spirit, to revive the city and people so they could worship God again.  I told the congregation that this is what the Holy Spirit wants to do in our lives. I also reminded the people how necessary God’s Word is to our lives individually and as a church. I asked people to commit to a 20-minute reading of God’s Word daily as a beginning of this revival. 
People began to diligently read, pray, and share with each other.  The church began to grow, and my son also began to grow spiritually.  Even though the official version of my study of the Bible was not published until recently, I have used this program in thousands of people’s lives over the years. It continues to stir my heart whenever people begin to love God more by loving His Word.  We don’t grow all at once, but we take steps to build His Word into our lives. 
May you be blessed on your own journey in the Word,

 About Book:

Can you think of a better goal than to develop and grow your spiritual life? When confronted with the challenge of reading the Bible, many Christians balk at the huge undertaking of the task. Where should you start? How do you tackle the dense material of the Old Testament? What was the historical and cultural context of the text? Whether you are new to the faith or a seasoned veteran, The Word by Steps is designed to introduce God's Word to your life in a way that is meaningful, practical, and life changing. A clear and simple commentary for each week gives you an introduction to the Biblical text you're reading. Paired with a simple and manageable reading plan, this guide not only makes the Word of God part of your daily spiritual path, but can also stimulate growth in your Bible studies, small groups, and friendships. No longer does the Bible have to be a daunting challenge. Dive into the depth and mystery of God's Word today -- and see life around you transformed.

So there you go readers. What a wonderful Guest Post from author David M. Gutknecht. I would love to say Thanks to author David Gutknecht for letting us in on Why he wrote this amazing book. You can read my review of this book here

And you can purchase the book here,   Amazon:


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