Saturday, September 7, 2013

Book Review: The Boy Who Walked A Way by Nancy Janes

Title: The Boy Who Walked A Way
Author: Nancy James
Category: Fantasy
Pub. Date: 03/03/2013
Publisher: Createspace
Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
ISBN#: 1479139076

In the year 2162, a young boy named Jal Valhyn is caught in a maelstrom of violence and conflict. His country is at war and the world government based on humanistic principles that had fulfilled its promise of a halcyon peace for over a century has fallen. Alone and helpless, he has an encounter with an invisible being that leads to a seven-day journey. With his two appointed companions he sets out for a safe haven far from the world of danger and turmoil. Each day's trek brings the gift of new friendships and a growing awareness that life has dimensions grounded in more than the material. He intuitively understands the faith that sustains the inhabitants of an enduring peaceable..   

My Review:  
What a wonderful written book about a boy and a fantasy world. A story that I will enjoy sharing with my grandkids in just a few years. For the most of them love to read and I feel this is worth the lessons and the faith that author Nancy James has share within this amazing book..

The main character, Jal Valhyn is very believable and you just fall head over heals for. Even though this is a fantasy style story you can so put yourself with in the pages. I very much enjoyed reading the whole book and looking forward to more writing from this outstanding author. 

Cover: Reminds me of the summer nights that I loved growing up.
Characters: Amazing
Plot: With all the twists and turns your in for the ride of your life.
Ending: Please hurry and get me the next book...

So there you have it for my thoughts on this book and author.

And for those reasons, I am giving this book and author my Breath of Life Rating:


 Disclosure: I did received the above book in exchange for my honest opinion and review. Opinions are my own and yours may differ. 

About the Author:  

Nancy Janes,a former Clinical Social Worker,is now realizing a long held goal of writing daily. Her Appalachian roots, Christian heritage and the urban settings of her adult years find expression in her writings.
The Boy Who Walked A Way was written over a span of several years. The story went on the shelf while she twice moved across country. The characters foiled her attempt to write a children's short story by taking on a life of their own once she returned to writing. She and the characters meandered happily along together on the venture of creating a book suitable for both children and adults.
Nancy Janes plans to release another work based on selected characters from the book in the future.


Paula Rose said...

I reviewed this book to and found the story to be endearing!

Rev. Kim Justice said...

Yes I agree Paula Rose i very much enjoyed reading it.

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