Book Review: COLUMBUS AVENUE BOYS by David Carraturo

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Author: David Carraturo 
Category: Mystery Crime
Pub. Date: 04/17/2012
Publisher: IUniverse
Format: Paperback
Pages: 258
ISBN#: 1469778289

Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention (2012). Highly Recommended by Midwest Reviews. Recommended review from Kirkus Reviews. Designated "Editors Choice" by iUniverse Review Board. iUniverse "Hollywood Coverage" recommendation to consider the story for screenplay adaption.

Salvatore Esposito, Anthony Albanese, and Christopher Cameron—the Columbus Avenue Boys—are somewhat related, as they share lineage back to before the turn of century. Having grown up together in a small community north of New York City, each became successful in his own right. Chris moved to Dallas to be a portfolio manager with a financial firm while Sal and Tony earn their living the hard way—by being enforcers and major earners for the mob.

Tony’s grandfather, Pops Scala, tells them a horrific secret from the Scalamarri Family past: twelve members of their family were massacred at the hands of Bugsy Siegel and his ruthless gang from Murder Inc. in 1935. Pops was the sole witness and lone survivor, and he was more than happy to pull the trigger and end Bugsy’s murderous life.

Now fifty years later, Pops convinces the Columbus Avenue Boys they must leave the underworld life for good. Since one cannot just give two weeks’ notice to the Gambino crime family, the three blood brothers devise a plan to infiltrate the inner workings of the Mafia in the 1990s to avenge the massacre in their family tree.

Columbus Avenue Boys chronicles the Scalamarri family tree throughout the twentieth century and presents a historical perspective of the life and struggles of an Italian immigrant family as well as that of America’s organized crime.

iUniverse Hollywood Coverage comments...David Carraturo’s Columbus Avenue Boys is an authentic-feeling and compelling gangster drama told from the perspective of its musclemen soldiers, opposed to its cunning bosses. With the novel’s juxtaposed storylines of immigrants and their sons, much of the plot harkens The Godfather Part II; likewise, its portrayal of soldiers and FBI informants is reminiscent of more contemporary gangster films such as Donnie Brasco and Goodfellas. Carraturo writes this world with authority, making dynamic characters that have often been relegated to filmic clichés, while at the same time offering a proud and historic sense of Italian immigration and community. 

 My Review:  
 Well we have good ole boys, their families and their lives and business. I like watching old movies with characters that pertrey gangsters and all the things that go with a story like that. 

And this book by author David Carrature is full of just that. There is not much I want to say about this book due to the synopsis says a lot. And I do not want to give any thing away. 

I will say on this one that the only thing that did get to me some and that is it was a little drawn out in some parts and lost my interest some. But other than that it was good. 

So for the reasons above I am giving this book and author a Breath of Life Rating:

Four Clock Rating:  

Disclosure: I did received the above book in exchange for my honest opinion and review. Opinions are my own and yours may differ. 

About the Author:

David Carraturo is the author of Cameron Nation: Going All-In to Save His Country and the prequel Columbus Avenue Boys: Avenging the Scalamarri Massacre (2012 Honorable Mention for General Fiction at the Hollywood Book Festival).
Both novels are unique. Cameron is his "Conservative Manifesto" so those with a liberal mindset beware. Columbus Avenue Boys is an epic story about the Scalamarri family tree and their life throughout the 20th Century. A mafia story with a whole lot more!
David grew up in an Italian-Irish community in Westchester County, New York, and has spent over twenty-five years working on Wall Street. He is married, has three daughters, and is an avid poker player. When not spending time with his family, he believes exercising the mind and body is imperative for sustained success.
He loves to read a multitude of topics, both fiction and non-fiction but his true passion is anything related to World War Two as well as economics and politics. If you would like a novel reviewed, he is more than happy to review your work. War stories, Mafia reads, poker, economics and general American history would be his sweet spots for an educated review. Email at if you would like to discuss.
"I truly believe every and anyone has the ability to write that one great novel based off of their life experiences." David's storytelling is derived from personal experiences which he twists into a historical setting. His goal is to tell a good story but to also educate the reader.
Random things about David...
Huge New York Mets fan.
Age 16 appeared in movies - World According to Garp & Someeone is in the Kitchen with Jamie.
Met Margaret Thatcher, T Boone Pickens, Arthur Lafer.
Ran the NYC Marathon and the Baltimore Marathon.
Won one poker tournament in Atlantic City and also competed in the WSOP Main Event in Vegas (not so good!).
Have a dog named Cammie, a cockapoo - named after my book, Cameron Nation.
Played high school and college football (quarterback and defensive back).
Has bench pressed 350 pounds once and 225 pounds nineteen times, currently bench 185 twenty four times.
Did not get Masters Degree due to laziness after writing an extra credit paper to bring grade up but never following up with professor to change the grade.
Married at 29, 3 daughters (all 3.5 yrs apart in age).
Has lived in the same zipcode entire life.
Coached daughters softball team (they lost every game).
Can still throw a football 50 yards.
A perennial B- student. High School, College, Grad School.
Has only worked for companies on Wall Street.
World War Two buff.
Loves to play chess.
Devoting more time to charity.
Beer and red wine…stays away from the hard stuff.
Does not smoke and has never done drugs.
Watches Fox News for all news.
Visited 32 states.

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