Friday, September 13, 2013

Book Review: Absolution by Jennifer Laurens

Title: Absolution
Author: Jennifer Laurens
Category: Paranormal/Fantasy
Pub. Date: 10/10/2011
Publisher: Grove Creek Publisher
Format: e-book
Pages: 220
ISBN#: B00466100G
Series: Heavenly #3

Zoe's secret is out. And the powers of Hell are ravenous to claim her soul. Her brother, Luke, knows her secret: that she sees both good and evil spirits. Her boyfriend knows. At least Matthias is her guardian angel again. But now Hell's most ruthless leader will stop at nothing to have her soul.
Albert, Matthias' father, is relentless in his hunger for Zoe. He wants to destroy Matthias and will use Zoe to do so.
The battle between Heaven and Hell tests everything Zoe has. As she witnesses everyone important in her life suffering, she's brought to the ultimate choice: will she sacrifice her soul to save the ones she loves? 

My Review:  
I am going to start this review by saying WOW about the Cover!!!! The title of Absolution is so fitting for this third book in this epic paranormal fantasy! The first book, HEAVENLY and the second book, PENITENCE where so amazing that again just like the end of the 1st to the beginning of the 2nd book I was so looking forward to this outstanding 3rd book in this series. 

And once again as with the first two I was not let down at all. If any thing this last book was over the top, and the title so so awesomely fitting. So the secrecy and all the mystery is out in the open, or is it? Let's just say I would so love another book. 

The main character, Zoe is wonderfully per-trade is this series. Her powers that she has learned more about and the guardians that have helped her. And well lets not forget all the bad characters.. hehe. I have loved reading about all of them. 

I do not want to give any thing away, you know that I feel you need to read books for yourself. So Pick Up All Three of These Amazingly Books in the Heavenly Series by author Jennifer Laurens. 

Okay, with all that being said about the book, series and the author: I am giving this book and this author a Breath of Life rating of: 

Five Clock Rating:

 Disclosure: I did not received the above book in exchange for my honest opinion and review. Opinions are my own and yours may differ.

About the Author:  

Jennifer, aka JM Warwick aka Katherine Warwick was born and raised in Southern California and her hometown of Palos Verdes Estates flavors her books: A Season of Eden and An Open Vein. She doesn't limit herself to writing one genre, and was the first to author four romance novels centered around the popular sport of ballroom dancing.She has YA novels published under her YA romance name of Jennifer Laurens: Falling for Romeo, Magic Hands, Nailed and the Heavenly series: Heavenly ( 2009) Penitence (2010) and Absolution (2010) A Season of Eden (2011) and Overprotected ( 2011 ).An Open Vein is under her JM Warwick pen name. Jennifer lives in Utah and has 6 children, one of whom has autism. Jennifer finds it interesting that An Open Vein has 354 ratings and yet less than 100 people have read that particular book. She knows this because she's an indie author and knows how many copies have actually sold. So much for the reliability of Goodreads.    


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