Sponsered Book Review: Bully in the Mirror by SHANAYA FASTJE

Friday, August 16, 2013

Title: Bully in the Mirror
Author: Shanaya Fastje 
Pub. Date: 10/11/2012
Publisher: Changing Lives Press/Never Sink Book
Format: Paperback
Pages: 164
ISBN#: 0984304797

Bullying is everywhere....and so is media coverage of bullying. In recent months, Ladies Home Journal, The Week, Redbook, and New York Times have all run articles on bullying. Episodes of Hannah Montana and Glee have dealt with bullying, and MTC launched a reality TV show called Bully Beatdown in 2009. Even the US Government is concerned; the Department of Health and Human Services has an interactive website dedicated to cyber-bullying. Bully in the Mirror can be a powerful part of the solution. The book blends facts about the negative effects of bullying with the author's views. Since Shanaya is a 13 year old girl who has been bullied, her experiences and those of her friends create an immediate connection with today's kids. Each chapter provides important facts along with tips and exercises Shanaya created. Readers learn how bullies operate and how to stop them in their tracks.  

My Review:  
Since in most places school has now started I felt this would be a great time to review this amazing book, Bully in the Mirror by author Shanaya Fastje. 

WOW!! After reading this 164 pages of this wonderfully written book on Bullying I was really at awe at the topic. I have read and heard of things that have happened to others and I as well was the target of a bully in school growing up. Of course at that time it was not talked about in this manner at that time.

I feel that this book should be bought by every and I do mean EVERY parent and their children should read or if not able to read be read to. And Yes I do feel strongly on this subject! I was contacted and asked to read for an honest review of this book. I did receive the book from the author. But let me say it this way, and know this is exactly how I do HONESTLY Believe, I will and want to make sure that my children (four of them) get this book and make sure that if they don't, I will read this to all of my grandkids! 

I know that many have heard of stories about kids killing themselves or others. And we often say that it should never happen. But let me state here that from my own self trails that I went through from first grade to the twelve and never told anyone about them. That this is a tough subject for me. 

This book really helped me but things behind me finally when I thought that I had already. 

Now on the topic of being the bully... Please Please Please stop if you are and make amends. If you know of one, Please Please Please try to get them help. There is often a really true reason as to why this happens. 

Author Shanaya Fastje is one smart cookie. And the way this book is written it is awesome for any age in my opinion. 

I recommend this book to ALL my readers. Pick it up and let me know what you think...   A MUST READ!!

So due to the above, I am giving this book a Breath of Life ratings of: 

Five Clock Rating!!!  
Disclosure: I did receive this book for my honest opinion and review. But these opinions are my own and yours may differ. 

About the Author:  

Shanaya Fastje is the most promising young talent of our time. Having already proven herself to be an author, motivational public speaker, as well as a gifted singer-songwriter all as she continues to do to help change the world and all while turning fourteen years old.
In May 2012, at only 13-years of age, Shanaya graduated high school. Adding to her list of extraordinary achievements, Shanaya’s fourth book "Bully in the Mirror" was released in October of 2012. The book, and Shanaya’s enlightening cause, have been received with great praise from many prominent figures,including U.S. President, Barack Obama,and many more. Shanaya released the music singles, Going Out of Control & Dreaming Lucidly and as a superbly talented singer and songwriter, Shanaya looks forward to composing her album.She has recently moved to LA and has dedicated her two years to fully training in acting as her energy is focused in entertainment. Currently almost finished writing her fifth and first fiction novel in paranormal genre.


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