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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Love & the Goddess by Mary Elizabeth Coen  

“Sorry. It sounds so...” I couldn’t finish the sentence. I wanted to say perverted and realized how judgmental that would sound. After all, I didn’t really know anything about the nature of addictions. “Dangerous? No don’t worry. I assure you I’m not a rapist. And I try hard to practice celibacy because it’s essential for me. I’ve started a new relationship with a lovely girl. We’ve been dating for three months now and our relationship is celibate because I know now that if a relationship starts out being sexual, then my judgment gets clouded. I need it to work on the friendship and trust level first, which is difficult.” I was humbled by Nat’s frank admission and felt a surge of admiration for him as I watched him pick another leaf from the mint plant to chew in absent-minded fashion. “That’s what I always thought, partly because I was brought up as a Catholic, but also because it felt safe. Then what do I do? At an age when I should know better, I go to bed with a bollocks on the second date.” I winced. “Excuse me, that’s my new word for someone despicable.” “We all have to learn our own way of being in the world, Kate, and sometimes it’s through our mistakes we learn most of all.”

Touted in the press as ‘An Irish Eat, Pray, Love’ meets ‘Sex and the City’.

Love & the Goddess
One woman, One myth, Three Goddesses             

A woman’s voyage of self discovery begins on the internet leading all the way to Brazil and onto the Andean highlands of Peru.

Devastated from her relationship break- up, Kate Canavan is at a loss until she re-discovers a hidden painting of the triple Goddess from Greek mythology. Her interest in mythology and spirituality is re-ignited. A voyage of self discovery begins with internet dating using the names of each of the Goddesses in the triple myth.
When a health scare intervenes Kate and her friends go together to visit a famous healer in Brazil and a spiritual guru in Peru, where all three friends begin spiritual journeys of forgiveness, gratitude and learning to live in the now.

Ferdia Mac Anna (author of cult book to movie Last of the high Kings) says:-

"Funny, informative heart-warming and wildly entertaining. This novel takes the reader on an exhilarating roller-coaster ride though modern romance, internet dating, Peruvian Gurus, wannabes, has-beens and lotharios and brings them home safe and almost sound. This book rocks!'

Author bio – Mary Elizabeth Coen

Living in Ireland, Mary Elizabeth Coen is a former Home Economics teacher and lifestyle journalist. Mary E. runs a website called Goddess MECA which stands for Mary Elizabeth Coen Assists the Goddess in everywoman through sharing her love of cookery fashion and mythology.  The url is
Mary says “Though I always dreamed of being a writer, I took a rather circuitous route getting here. You could say I have had several incarnations in this lifetime from Home Economics teacher to Fashion Editor of a magazine, along with being mother to my three wonderful children, Mark, Janet and Emily. Due to demand from clients I opened my own pr consultancy firm specializing in fashion; - the dream job for a fashionista, availing of great discounts on wonderful shoes and vintage clothing!

Sadly it was not meant to last as in 2004 my health deteriorated and as a result, work had to take a back seat. I became interested in holistic medicine, personal development and writing in an attempt to cope with my diagnosis of fibromyalgia. In the process, I developed a passion for mythology, philosophy and the study of ancient spiritual traditions. As a spiritual seeker, I’ve travelled to Mayan sites in Mexico, visited a famous healer’s ashram in Brazil and undertook a shamanic journey through Peru.”
Love & the Goddess is closely based on memoir.

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