Review: Waves of Love

Monday, April 6, 2015

Title: Waves of Love
Author: Lori Ann Mitchell
Category: Romance
Pub. Date: 11/6/2014
Publisher: Amazon Digital
Format: Kindle
Pages: 104
ISBN#: b00p0bdx8

Can love overcome an age difference of more than 10 years? At thirty-two, Sage Drake has the world by the tail. She owns her own bookstore, in sunny Florida, and loves her work so much she lives in the apartment above the store. Then one day a young surfer strolls in, cadging free coffee and donuts from her little cafĂ©. His name is Derek Chambers, and he’s no regular surfer: he’s an author of a series of surfing travelogues, eager to do a book-signing or two at Sage’s store. She goes him one better by offering to host a series of writing workshops, with Derek as the star. In return, Derek offers to teach Sage – who’s never learned – how to surf. Will the two find love in the waves?  

My Review: 
This review will be short and to the point. I liked that it has short and easy chapters. The book to me in some areas to not flow together. 

Author Lori Ann Mitchell does have a way with writing that is fresh and the one thing that you normally not read much of is older women with younger men. (ten years diff.) 

The book was a little more graphic in some places. But all in all an okay book. 

So for the above reasons I will be giving this book a Breath of Life Rating:

Three Clock Rating! 

Disclosure: I did receive the above book in exchange for my honest opinion and or review. But the Opinions are my own and yours may differ.

About the Authors: 


I was born in Miami and as I became of age moved to the east coast and studied in one of the Ivy league schools.
A few years later I became a senior partner in a major law firm located in New York City, my current residence and the best city in the world.
When I am not looking for love, I write about it.
The stories are based on my own experience; the men described are people I have actually met in other circumstances.
I use the pen name Lori Ann Mitchell (it rhymes with my real name) as I can't reveal my true identity due to my career.

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