Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Review: Tiffy's Terrible Top Hat

Title: Tiffy's Terrible Top Hat
Author: Lady Jenniviere's Quill
Category: Preteen/Bullying
Pub. Date: 7/27/2014
Publisher: Smashwords
Format: ebook
Pages: 134
ISBN#:  9781941723036
Series: Lady Jenniviere's Quill #1

We all know one kid that's loathsome. You know the kid who's just mean. They lie. They steal. They bully everyone. Completely self-absorbed, they have empathy for no one. Well Tiffany Rinks is that kid.
Tiffy's Terrible Top Hat is the story of a self-absorbed girl. She lies, cheats, steals and is an unabashed bully. A truly unlikable kid. But that wasn't always the case. There was a time when Tiffy was likable.
Some kids take a wrong turn and need a little gentle nudging to find the right path again. Others need more than a little help.
It will take something truly extreme to shock Tiffy out of the self-absorbed world she currently lives in.
Tiffy doesn't know it but she is about to get just such a shock.

Lexile reading score 810
Ideal for grade 4-8

My Review:  
Well, Well, With all the talk and news reports dealing with bullying I am so willing to do my part as to helping to get the word out as to how to deal with being bullied and how to get help for all involved.

The cover of the book is pretty neat and place's a few question's in your head as to what is with this girl and her top hat. I love the cover.

The story line is smooth reading with pivoting plot as to being a bully and being bullied. The characters are strong and relate-able.  They are real and pull you into the story with their attitudes and as a once bullied kid myself I can/could relate to some of the things that happened. 

The author, Lady Jenniviere's Quill is an amazing writer with the skill of bringing you to the edge of your seat and wanting to deal with the issues your self. Then as you are reading you will find that you either relate to the bully character or more with the one being bullied. Not only does she deal with a topic of today but she gives us a tool here within the pages on how to teach others on the subject of bulling. 

I so enjoyed reading every page. So for the reasons stated above I am giving "Tiffy's Terrible Top Hat"  a Breath of Life Rating of:

Five Clock Rating!!  

Disclosure: I did receive the above book in exchange for my honest opinion and or review. But the Opinions are my own and yours may differ.

About the Authors:  

Lady Jenniviere was like any other girl, until one day while tending her rose garden she came upon an injured bird. A cedar wax wing with a broken wing. Speaking quietly to reassure the frightened bird, Lady Jenniviere wrapped him in the folds of her gown and carried the little bird inside where, using tape and popsicle sticks, she was able to set the broken wing. Staring at the little bird, she said, " I think I'll call you Space Ghost. Your eyes remind of the cartoon I used to watch." For the next month Lady Jenniviere and the little bird spent hours together in the garden. The little bird appeared calm and content so long as Lady Jenniviere was speaking. In an effort to reassure the bird, Lady Jenniviere told him stories. Some days she would read a favorite book. Other days she repeated nursery rhymes. Finally the time came when Lady Jenniviere ran out of stories to tell. She looked at the little bird and said, "Well, I am all out of stories. I wish I knew more, but I don't."

To her amazement the bird said, "You have been kind to me. Mending my wing, tending to me while I healed and repeating every story you know. I'll repay all you've done. I know where there's a magic ink well. If you retrieve it, you'll never run out of stories again." Once she retrieved the magic ink well, Space Ghost gave her a tail feather. He instructed Lady Jenniviere to use it as a quill. To her amazement, the moment she dipped the feather into the magic ink, it sprang to life. The quill began writing a story on the blank pages lying on her antique desk. Lady Jenniviere loved the story and thanked Space Ghost for his gift before he flew back to the forest on two healthy wings.

Soon, other birds heard of Lady Jenniviere's magic ink and brought tail feathers. Every quill revealed a different story--some scary, some happy and some just plain strange. Eventually, Lady Jenniviere had enough stories to begin sharing them with her friends. Books were bound and soon people everywhere were reading the tales of Lady Jenniviere's Quill.  


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