Monday, April 13, 2015

Review: A Horse Valley Adventure

Title: Donkey's Kite
Author: Liana-Melissa Allen
Category: Kids
Pub. Date: 1/9/2015
Publisher: CreateSpace
Format: Kindle
Pages: 44
ISBN#: 9781505604610
Series: The Horse Valley Adventure #2

The three horses Jack, Max, Lax and their friend Donkey are back!
In Horse Valley it is a perfect day to go kite flying. Jack, Max, Lax, and Donkey decide to get creative by putting together their own homemade kites. However, Donkey's kite doesn't turn out very good. No matter how hard he tries to get it to fly, it just keeps tumbling to the ground.
How will poor Donkey get his kite to fly? Well, a friendly goose named Gusty is delighted to help him out.
In this Horse Valley Adventure, Donkey learns not to give up when all seems hopeless. They all learn a lesson about helping others and true friendship.

My Review: 
This will be kinda short review. For one it is only 44 pages and very captivating. But I do not want to give any thing away. 

The story line is awesome and keeps you reading. All about a donkey and his friends having a perfect day for taking a kite out to play. 

The characters are so cute and imaginable that you find yourself wanting to help get their kites to fly. Two of my grandkids love kites so I could imagine them in this book with their kites and playing around with the others. I know that may sound weird, but hey that is what or how books should be. They grab you and pull you right into the book. 

I will also say that after reading this book I went back and read the first one in the series.The Three Little Horses and the Big Bully Donkey #1
And like this one I feel in love with the first. So recommend that you pick up these two and read both. Your young ones will love them.

So for the reasons stated above, I have to give this book a Breath of Life Rating of:

  Five Clock Rating!! 

Disclosure: I did receive the above book in exchange for my honest opinion and or review. But the Opinions are my own and yours may differ.

About the Authors:  

LIANA-MELISSA ALLEN has always had a passion for reading, writing, drawing...and horses. She credits her love of reading to her dad, who read aloud to her every day when she was younger, making the characters come alive by using different voices and antics.

Liana-Melissa stresses the importance of reading, especially reading aloud to children. She is also a dedicated classical and jazz pianist, and continues to write and illustrate her books, including her children's book series titled "A Horse Valley Adventure"©2012.

Liana-Melissa lives in Southern California with her dad and two playful lutino budgies.


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