Monday, April 6, 2015

Review: Clean Food Diet

Title: Clean Food Diet
Author: Jonathan Vine
Category: Cookbook
Pub. Date: 9/27/2014
Format: Kindle
Pages: 90

Would you like to improve your health and boost your immune system? You can do it with clean food diet!
Clean eating improves your health, it boosts your immune system, it helps you think better, it makes your skin look better, it makes your hair shine, and your tummy feel much better as well. And all with just a few simple lifestyle changes! Not in a month or two, but now! Now is the time for that change, now is the time to feel better;do this for yourself and be grateful for it!
Clean eating is a challenge, given the amount of processed foods you can find on the market. It sounds harder than it actually is, and once you get started and taste real, clean food and get to testify to its benefits later on, there’s nothing stopping you.
Every single food we buy at the supermarket has at least one additive to preserve it better, to make it look better, or to taste better. But luckily in the last few years, you can see that many people have stopped eating whatever, whenever and began to become more interested in where their food comes from, how it is being produced, what it contains, and what health benefits it has. This has led to a movement that is trending more and more called clean eating.
In "Clean Food Diet" you will discover: What is clean eating is What to eat How to eat clean How to cook clean 50 simple recipes to jumpstart your new lifestyle: Appetizers Soups Salads Main Dishes Desserts Scroll up and grab a copy today.  

My Review: 
First let me say that I received this thru Tomoson, it is a wonderful place to find items to review.

Upon being approved to read and review Clean Food Diet I was excited to download it onto my kindle.  I have had it for a little while and upon reading thru the book I was unsure on how or where the author Jonathan Vine was able to say this book was all clean food. Also noticed that while most of the recipes sounded good and the pictures were good, there were some that I might have actually tried had there been pic.'s. Yes I kinda like to see before deciding to make. 

After down loading on to my kindle some of the book did not load. And I did try three times before just letting it go. Will say that I should have let the author know but ended up in hospital. I know not something to put into a review. Not only a few pages in the front but some also near the end. 

I come from a generation that grew our food, so I kinda get the whole "Clean Eating" idea. But when we used the word "Can food" it was food we had canned ourself, not store bought cans. The store bought can foods have all kinds of things that goes against clean eating. 

Not going to bash the whole book there were some recipes that are great. I liked the salads, and the grilled peaches were great. 

So for the reasons above I am giving this book a Breath of Life Rating of:

Three Clock Rating! 

Disclosure: I did receive the above book in exchange for my honest opinion and or review. But the Opinions are my own and yours may differ.

About the Authors:  

My name is Jonathan Vine, and I was caught up in the vegetarian lifestyle a few years back. I have to say that giving up on meat did not struck me in a single moment, nor it was a swift decision, but an inner journey that evolved within a few months. Eventually I took a final decision that the suffering of animals is my grief and my motivation.
I was always enthusiastic about cooking. For me this is absolutely one of the greatest joys life can offer. With my vegetarian cooking style, I never feel deprived of what I eat, but rather satisfied and exhilarated with each bite.
My goal is to publish books that will empower readers to improve their health and well-being through simple everyday ingredients and low fat recipes that make eating affordable, realistic and delicious.


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