Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Book Review: Parasouls by Michele Richard

Title:  Parasouls
Author: Michele Richard
Category: Romance/Fiction
Pub. Date: 04/03/2012
Publisher: Renaissance Romance Pub.
Format: E-Book
Pages: 263
ISBN#: 1475064152

Synopsis:  Born amongst the humans, yet not being one, the parasouls fight to remain hidden. Using the ancient tunnels and abandoned, buried basements as their homes parasouls live in the underbelly of society in their own world, they've created a world where they don’t need to pretend they’re normal. Their gifts remind them that they’re not. When you can produce electric blue flames from your fingertips, there’s no way to deny it. Damian McNamara built and rules the world they thrive in.
Angelique is the leader of a special team whose job it is to keep the “normals” from knowing of the parasouls’ existence. Her gift is also a curse, leaving her physically unable to touch another living soul without inflicting indescribable pain upon them.
The Parasoul Acquisition Control Taskforce hunts them for what they are.
Shane is the headhunter for the taskforce. Like Angelique, he’s never been able to touch anyone due to his gift of red and orange flames that singes the flesh of others.
The moment Shane and Angelique meet, the heavens open and connect their souls forever. So what happens when Shane finds himself trapped between the only thing he’s ever desired and his job? He has no choice but to deliver the one person who owns his soul over to his bosses, the government’s taskforce? Which side is the good, the bad, and the dictators?
They’re both in for a rude awakening.
Can love conquer all when you’re supposed to hate the one soul you cannot live without? How long can they fight the urge to give in to their connection? Can two parasouls on opposite sides find common ground and forge a future?

My Review:    
I will start this review by saying I Love Love Love this author. But this book was not what I had already come to expect from author Michele Richard. 

I was expecting an out of this world, intense paranormal book. Instead it took me two tries to read. It is a slow read. That and the fact that the love story line was not quite the way I was expecting. 

While this book was not really for me, author Michele Richards is an awesome writer, and I am looking forward to reading more from her. So I will leave it up to you to read for yourself and make your own decision.

And for the reasons above I am giving Parasouls a Breath of Life rating of:

      Three Clock Rating!

Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for my review. The opinions are mine. And your opinion may differ.

About the Author:
Michele Richard is the proud mother of 2 daughters. Married since 1997 to a wonderful husband, who for 25 years has been her best friend and supporter. Being an overly creative and caring person, she has been a volunteer co-leader for the Girl Scout Troop for five years. She takes great pride in teaching and guiding our future generations.
Her desire to continue her education drove her to attend night classes at Waltham High School. She refuse to just let life be. There is too much to learn than to stand by and watch it go by. Though she is not fluent yet in either, she has learned to speak French and Spanish in school. One day her dream is to be fluent in both.
”I supposed that makes me a lover of languages. Never stop learning is my motto.”
Travel is one of her great passions. Having seen the beaches of the Bahama’s, Aruba and Mexico to the deserts of Utah and Arizona, her personal favorite was bicycling down Mount Vail and standing on top of the Intercontinental Divide, followed closely by the Grand Canyon.
“America is truly a beautiful place to see. I recommend seeing as much of it as you can.”
I started writing with a flawed theory that a manuscript need to be complete and perfect before anyone would even want to read it, never mind publish it. the first thing I learned was it took a whole team of people to make a novel.
Most readers never appreciate the number of people that work on a single book for print. People I have a great amount of respect for.
That being said, I started my adventure by submitting three stories into a four genre contest. As it would have it, they wanted my Young Adult story. the pre-order for this novel began on Jan. 25, 2011.


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