Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Book Review: My Emily by Matt Patterson

Title: my emily
Author: Matt Patterson
Pub. Date: 11/16/2011
Publisher: CreateSpace
Format: E-book
Pages: 98
ISBN# 1449951554 

  Book Description:
 This book is about a hurting family, an amazing little girl and a mysteriously faithful God.

Emily wasn't born perfect - so one might think. She was born with Down Syndrome and many would jump to the conclusion that she would have very little hope for a life with any significance. Two years later came the diagnosis of leukemia. What little hope remaining turned to no hope whatsoever - or so one might think. This short story tells how the life of one little girl, with all its perceived imperfections, had great meaning. Her loving nature and courage touched the hearts of everyone she met. She also taught them how to value their own lives - even with their many "imperfections."

My Review:
I was so overwhelmed by this book. Not sure that I would have been able to write such a story. But Matt Patterson has diffidently wrote a very special book. Emily was an amazingly sweet girl. And Matt allowed us through this book to come into their life and see how the Lord can take something and or someone such as cancer and Emily to become a blessing within our life that we know we have to share it. 

I was so moved by the insights and the background given. So hard to read about the issues of Down Syndrome then to be also diagnosed with leukemia. Some times I know we tend to blame God for things like this. But even when this family was angry and did question, they still stepped up to the plate. 

Reading this book is a must for any family or friend that you know of that is or has gone through trials that doesn't seem fair. Read to find out how precious life can be or become when what some might see as tragedy. To find out how satan can try to turn things around to make you believe God must hate you. But Matt and his family are so down to earth. They try to move heaven and earth to make their family what God wants them to be. 

Since I believe that Matt Patterson done an awesome job writing this book, even through his own pain and joy of it being about their daughter. I could not put it down, cried, smiled and prayed for family. I am going to give this book my breath of life rating of:

5 Clock Rating!

Make sure you check out this great book the link is below, just click it!!! 


Matt Patterson said...

Very, very humbled by your kind words. Thank you so much!

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