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Book Review: A Log Cabin Christmas Collection

Book Review: A Star in the Night

 Title: A Star in the Night
 Author: Liz Johnson
 Category: Historical Fiction, Romance, Religion, Spiritual  
 Publication Date:  09/01/2011
 Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc. 
 Pages of this story:  45
 ISBN#  1616264780

Experience Christmas through the eyes of adventuresome settlers who relied on log cabins built from trees on their own land to see them through the cruel forces of winter. Discover how rough-hewed shelters become a home in which faith, hope, and love can flourish. Marvel in the blessings of Christmas celebrations without the trappings of modern commercialism where the true meaning of the day shines through.

  Historical Romances during American Pioneer Christmases

I will be doing these nine stories individually.   

About the Author

Liz Johnson holds a degree in public relations from Northern Arizona University, in Flagstaff, and works as a full-time marketing specialist for a major Christian publisher in Nashville, Tennessee.

Page 200, after the story.

My Thoughts
As I said in my previous reviews of this book, I loved this collection of stories. Each one of them are amazing by themselves, but by putting them all together in this way kept me reading from one to the next with ease.

So for the fourth story: A Star in the Night.

This story puts you back in to the war between the North and South. I love going antique shopping, enjoy listening to family history, but to read history stories are not quite my thing. But to be fair on this subject, "A Star in the Night" was a good read. 

The characters were interesting. I knew pretty much from the start who was going to be the one to heroine. Cora Sinclair does her best to take care of the situations. Will not go into the story because I do not want to give any thing away. Was an easy read.  So on that note, My Rating is:

My Rating

Four Clocks!!


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