Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Review: PeaceBuilders

Title: PeaceBuilders
Author: M. LaVora Perry
Category: A Biography
Pub. Date: 3/16/2010 
Publisher: Forest Hill Publishing, LLC
Format: Paperback   
Pages: 110 
ISBN#: 0977111318    

Set in Japan during and after World War II, PEACEBUILDERS is the story of the evolution of a child of war into a seeker of peace who goes on to lead millions. It's the heartfelt story of the mentoring relationship that inspired this transformation. PEACEBUILDERS is available in paperback w/ black/white photos; paperback w/ color photos; hardcover/black and white; hardcover/color; and as a color e-book.### Long before Soka Gakkai leader Daisaku Ikeda befriended Rosa Parks, Mikhail Gorbachev, Nelson Mandela and over 1,600 other world figures, before he was awarded U.N. citations and more international and academic honors than anyone in human history, before he founded schools, universities, and cultural institutions on four continents, became the beloved teacher of millions of Buddhists worldwide, and became a culture icon throughout Asia...he was a young student. Daisaku Ikeda's teacher stood up against war and spoke out for human rights. His teacher was Josei Toda, a visionary elementary school principal.###PEACEBUILDERS: DAISAKU IKEDA & JOSEI TODA, BUDDHIST LEADERS opens on Tokyo Bay. One evening, nine-year-old Daisaku is playfully roughhousing with his oldest brother, Kiichi. The next morning, Daisaku waves good-bye as Kiichi leaves to fight in the war. Daisaku feels so proud of his brave big brother. Time passes. War turns Daisaku into a teenager in mourning. He wonders if everything he has believed is wrong. He is full of questions. Daisaku seeks a teacher who can answer them. In PEACEBUILDERS, readers discover how Daisaku met his teacher. They discover how a simple meeting changed a young man, and how that young man set out to change the world. PEACEBUILDRES includes a personal timeline with historical references, photography references, a bibliography, and a reader-friendly index.### PRAISE: "By showing how the transformation of the consciousness of an individual child can lead to him becoming a transformational leader, Ms. Perry has reconnected the openness of childhood to the possibilities of the world." -Roy Craft, Director, Martin Luther King, Jr. International Chapel, Morehouse College ### "...[a] carefully documented chapter book [that] makes Ikeda's story accessible to younger readers...a user-friendly resource." -Yana V. Rodgers, Director, Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children ### "The book [is] fascinating." -Suzanne Lieurance, author, writing coach, and host of Blog Talk Radio's "Book Bites for Kids," www.bookbitesforkids.com  

My Review: 
Let me first say that this book was not exactly my one of my fav.'s. And this will be a short review due to that.

For one I felt that some of what was written really did not make sense. At least not to me. 
I do how ever believe in some of the ideas within the pages. 

Pictures where all right and nice to put a face to some of what was written about them. 

The historical references did coincide correctly. Which was interesting. 

The book just did not hold my attention. How ever I did finish it. 

I will say if you like historical writing pick it up and try it you may like it. 
So for the above reasons I will be giving this book a Breath of Life Rating:

Three Clock Rating! 

Disclosure: I did receive the above book in exchange for my honest opinion and or review. But the Opinions are my own and yours may differ.



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