Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Healing the Faith Blog Tour

Its time for a great interview!!!

First of all I want to thank Author Michele Richard for being here with us today.  Also to say, Thanks for agreeing to answer some questions for me. Would everyone please Welcome Author Michele Richard!

Hi  Michele, Thanks for stopping by. This is the time I love, because I get to ask questions... So lets get started okay......

My first question, How did you get started in writing Michele?

I always wrote as a child. at six I begged my mom for a typewriter. (For
those who don't know, they were what we wrote on before computers.)

Yes, know what those are, I still have one.. wow.. okay,  My second question, Tell me three 
things that would surprise your readers?

I have extremely long fingernails. They've actually been called talons. 
I haven't watched TV in two years.
I didn't graduate high school, and went to night school studying for my
GED instead.

Wow, how awesome.. no t.v. for two years... way to go to get your GED..
Well, my third question is, While reading your books, I want to scream, cry, shake the
characters, laugh, yell at the book...  Do you  mean to do that to your readers and why?

In a way, I want to spark emotions in my readers. If you can feel the
emotions and struggles of the characters then I've done my job.

Okay, for my fourth question,  Is there one thing, if you could go back and change in one of
your books, what would it be?

Not really, thankfully I've been blessed enough to get it right the way I
wanted it in the beginning.
For my fifth question, Where can fans find you on the internet?

Awesome!!  Now for my sixth and final question,  Is there any thing else you would like to tell us about your books?

The Mocked by Series is a different type of series. Each Trirle is about a
different couple so you can read Mocked by Destiny after Mocked by Faith
and not be confused since none of the characters interlink. Each one is
about different couples surviving their own issues and circumstances.

Thank you so much, Kim!
I always enjoy stopping by here!
Michele Richard

Alright, Bye Michele, I have really enjoyed our question and answer time today.  I admire your awe-inspiring spirit!!!! 


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