Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Guest Post with Michele Richard the Author of Healing the Faith

Hello everyone... I want you all to give a big welcome to Michele Richard,  the author of Healing the Faith.  She is with us today to talk about what is on her bookshelf!!  I want to thank Michele for being with us here on Breath of Life as well!!! 

  What is on your bookshelf?
I’m a fan of fantasy, science fiction, and supernatural. I devour them. I
read the last Harry Potter in 2 1/2 days. I would have finished sooner if
I didn’t have to take the care of the house and kids.

So of course all seven Harry Potter’s, all four Twilight’s and I am
currently holding hostage the set of trueblood books my friend lent me.
I’ve also read the Prequel to the last Terminator movie and am a big fan
of post movies Star Wars books. I like series.

Of all of them my absolute faves would be the Harry Potter ones. I still
will reread them from time to time because I love JK Rowlings works.
Though I’ll admit lately I’ve had very little time for reading.

I haven’t yet but do plan to buy the Hunger Games series. My aunt
recommended them.

Thank you for letting me stop by today!

Michele Richard


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