Friday, February 24, 2012

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Oh! For the Love of Books

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  Ezine of a Random Girl


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Would like to say Congratulations to the Featured blog this week!!

  Oh! For the Love of Books

6774901246 c09aaea047 o Feature & Follow #85

I started blogging last summer but had no idea what I was going to do with my blog once I started it. It was kind of sad, but then I discovered the book blogging world and fell in love. I now blog about YA and am a sucker for hottie of the book and the romance that is involved! I often refer to myself as a fictional floozy because of all of my book boyfriends! Aside from reading, I am an aspiring writer and a high school English teacher. I am often made of fun (good heartily) for being so devoted to English. I’m thinking of making a button that says:”I Love Being A Nerd!” Currently my favorite is Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck – it is partially because I love Ren, the leading male!

 Ezine of a Random Girl

Over here! I'm Guen, an all around book lover and random girl. Like most book lovers, I always have a book with me--whether or not I take it around with me depends on the situation. I THINK I'm just a normal teen (um, well, define normal, first). If ever asked what would the first store I would hit up at the mall--it would be a bookstore. It doesn't matter what bookstore, just as long as it's a bookstore, I could stay there for hours. I'm still a full time student but I've got two of my book lovin' friends, Cara and Pink (alias) to back me up on the blog.

You see, I find it really hard to answer the ""what's your favorite book?"" question because I never seem to find one book that I am absolutely mad, crazy, and in love about. There just too many books I'ver read that I loved. But I love reading any YA novels, whether be it historical fiction, paranormal romance, dystopian, contemporary, etc. I'm usually a positive person (note the usually) and almost always love the book after reading. I said almost always didn't I? :) But just so you know, I loved the Hunger Games and I'm loving the hush, hush series...and a whole lot more.

Q: Activity!!! Take a picture or describe where you love to read the most…

 Well I will have to say the place I love to read the most...  would have to be my recliner... my Dad gave me an old huge blue recliner and I can climb...hehe... up in it an curl up with a good book and set there for ever....


So there you go, that is my answer, what is yours?
And just a note to all who stop by today, 
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Fall Into Books said...

Sounds comfortable! Following back. Thanks for stopping by!

Amber @ Fall Into Books

Hellen said...

Sounds comfortable. Even better if you can curl up with a book there.

New follower!
Here's my FF

Rev. Kim Justice said...

Thanks stopping by and following Amber.. my chair is diff. comfy..

Oh! Paper Pages said...

New follower! Looking forward to your reviews. I adore your blog design.

Crystal said...

Sounds like a great place. I curl up in a big recliner at my parents house, but love my big blue chair at home. I'm a new follower.

Here is my Feature and Follow Friday.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to have a recliner some day, too! It seems like such a lovely place to read <3

New follower! :)

Leah Marie @ Reading With My Eyes Shut said...

I used to have a recliner (before me it belonged to my grandpa) that was such an excellent place to read. I miss that old thing.

Thanks for stopping by and following my blog! I followed ya back!

Rev. Kim Justice said...

Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments and for following as well as let me know about your own special places to read..

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