Review: DANIEL FAST Slow Cooker Recipes by Rebecca Fitzgerald

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Title: Daniel Fast
Author: Rebecca Fitzgerald
Category: Cook Books
Pub. Date: 02/23/2014 
Format: Kindle
Pages:  68 
ISBNA #: B00IMJ5772  

Daniel Fast Slow Cooker Recipes: Quick & Easy Meals For Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
The Daniel Fast provides believers with a special opportunity to draw nearer to God through prayer and fasting. The fast imitates spiritual hunger which was demonstrated by Daniel. When we restrict ourselves from pleasurable food, we show an act of consecration and worship to God.
In Daniel Fast Slow Cooker Recipes, author Rebecca Fitzgerald shares 27 of her favorite Daniel Fast slow cooker recipes for delicious & nourishing breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. The recipes in the book were chosen for not only for taste but for ease of preparation.
Pick up a copy of her Daniel Fast slow cooker recipes today, and begin your spiritual journey to a deeper understanding and relationship with God.

My Review:  
I will begin this review by saying that I not only love cook books but that I devour them. I have always enjoyed trying new, someone else take or twist on recipe's. My home economics teacher used to say that I was always dis-obeying in class or questioning her on a recipe. Then she would laugh and say but I always have to give her (me) an A. I kept her on her toes. 

Now I can say that I only tried a few of the recipes in this very interesting and informative book. In some ways it is a recipe book and in some other ways it is an insight into a Biblical look to what we should be putting into our bodies. 

I love the way that author Rebecca Fitzgerald expresses the thoughts and reasoning's for each recipe. The pictures are very telling in that when I did the recipe and it was finished the food would look like the picture in the book. As did the soup on the front cover. I had my own pictures of the first times that I made them, but sorry to say those are gone. 

As for the taste of above said recipes, Oh My were they amazingly soul warming delicious. I have this on my kindle but will hopefully soon be able to place it on one of my counter tops in the new kitchen. 

So for the amazing writing, recipes, delicious food and the reason for the Daniel Fast from author Rebecca Fitzgerald I will be giving this my Breath of Life rating of: 


Disclosure: I did not receive the above book in exchange for my honest opinion and or review. But the Opinions are my own and yours may differ.

About the Author:

Rebecca Fitzgerald reads Tarot for long distance clients via e-mail. She earned her BA in psychology through a long-distance university and worked for a decade with Children’s Services. Now living on Vancouver Island in Chemainus, Rebecca, her husband, and their ragdoll cat enjoy spending time on their sailboat.   
Website: Author Rebecca Fitzgerald

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