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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

So today I have a great post for you all.  The author of Love & The Goddess is here to share an author interview with you.  I reviewed this wonderful book in September of this year.  To see my review CLICK HERE.

     Where did the idea for your new  book  come from?
My time working as a fashion stylist and p.r. consultant.

    Are any of the characters inspired by someone in real life?
All my characters are composites of several people I’ve met. The more exaggerated traits in an individual make for interesting characteristics.

     Do you listen to music while you write, or do you prefer quiet?
Yes I sometimes listen to music. It depends on the mood and can vary from Annie Lennox to  Loreena McKennit or something classical. And sometimes I prefer quiet.

     If you could jump in to any book and live there, which book would you choose?
I like the idea of time travel and going between alternate universes so I’d choose The Time traveler’s Wife or Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials.

    What was last book you bought?
The Perfume collector by Kathleen Tessaro

Why did you choose to write about Goddesses?
I was obsessed by the Greek myth of the triple goddess and they say obsession is a good thing for a writer as it inspires passion. Also I love Carl Jung’s  work on identification with archetypes. The goddesses in the triple myth are powerful archetypes, present in all women. It was fun to play with an intellectual concept and write an easy to read, humorous story around it.

About the Book 

One woman, one myth, three goddesses When Cookery teacher Kate Canavan’s perfect life falls apart she moves to nearby Galway City. Her friend James urges her to love and nurture herself, but mischievous Ella persuades her to dust off her unused dating skills. So Kate explores the world of on- line dating using the name of a Greek Goddess. In the midst of a mad dating frenzy, Kate has a traumatic health scare which convinces her to drop everything and go in search of a guru. First stop a famous healer's ashram in Brazil followed by a shamanic journey through Peru, where a shaman tells her how to harness the energy of the Goddess and the Divine Feminine. Kate’s journey of self discovery continues apace after she returns home and events unfold in a surprising manner, as she learns to think for herself.

 About the Author

Living in Ireland, Mary Elizabeth Coen is a former Home Economics teacher and lifestyle journalist. Mary E. runs a website called Goddess MECA which stands for Mary Elizabeth Coen Assists the Goddess in everywoman through sharing her love of cookery fashion and mythology. The url is Mary says “Though I always dreamed of being a writer, I took a rather circuitous route getting here. You could say I have had several incarnations in this lifetime from Home Economics teacher to Fashion Editor of a magazine, along with being mother to my three wonderful children, Mark, Janet and Emily. Due to demand from clients I opened my own pr consultancy firm specializing in fashion; - the dream job for a fashionista, availing of great discounts on wonderful shoes and vintage clothing! Sadly it was not meant to last as in 2004 my health deteriorated and as a result, work had to take a back seat. I became interested in holistic medicine, personal development and writing in an attempt to cope with my diagnosis of fibromyalgia. In the process, I developed a passion for mythology, philosophy and the study of ancient spiritual traditions. As a spiritual seeker, I’ve travelled to Mayan sites in Mexico, visited a famous healer’s ashram in Brazil and undertook a shamanic journey through Peru.” Love & the Goddess is closely based on memoir.

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