"Haunted by the Past" Book Launch

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Oh my, I was just given the chance to read and review this awesome sounding book that is just become available. So I am sending this out to you all today to spread the word about a book that just the title alone has intrigue me. I mean, wow, don't we all have something in our past that sometimes creeps up and we just relive it all again. I am very curious as to how this young character, Nadia deals with this issue. 

So come along and pick up this newly released book 
and read it with me!

 Haunted by the PAST by Author Kelly Hagen

Nadia never dreamed her life would be turned upside down, but that’s exactly what happened after her husband’s murder. After she receives a chilling letter in the mail soon after his death, she decides to move out of town, in hopes to leave it all behind.

Trent has been praying for God to lead the right woman into his life. As soon as he lays eyes on Nadia he knows she’s the one. But will the situation they find themselves in be more than he can handle? Will their faith in God be enough to bring them through the uncertain future Nadia faces, letting their friendship grow into more?

About the Author:     

Author Kelly Hagen wrote a rough draft of her children's book Jake & Jesus many years ago. Finally after much prayer and direction from God she sent in her book to Tate Publishing. They liked her work and decided to publish it for her. Jake & Jesus is the first of many books Kelly wants to get published. She now has "Haunted by the PAST" out a book geared towards adults. It's a christian romance/suspense. She has a couple more children's books in the works too! But until those all get finished please check her newest book on Amazon, Goodreads, as well as her website:as well as on Facebook! Also check out her first book Jake & Jesus, as well as her page "Christian Book Reviews" for reviews of other christian books!

 Kelly has been married to her husband for alittle over 12 years. She's a stay at home mom of three wonderful blessings from God whom she loves dearly! She is also the author of Jake and Jesus, a christian childrens book that came out in January 2011. You can find Jake & Jesus on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Tate Publishing, and CBD. Her children were her inspiration for writing Jake & Jesus. Kelly wants them to know that they can always talk with Jesus. That Jesus is our friend, and He loves us very much!

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