Review: Winter's Blood by Zachery Richardson

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Title: Winter's Blood
Author: Zachery Richardson
Format: Ebook

Darkness. Twisted steel. Patches of blood-soaked snow. Even after six years, these are the things Michael McGavin sees when he thinks of Christmas. Fragments of memory about a car crash he barely survived, and still sometimes wishes he hadn’t. Because he hadn’t been alone in the car that night. Abigail Tanner had been his girlfriend, his best friend, and her body had been thrown so far from the crash site that rescuers hadn’t been able to find it. On the day of her funeral, Michael buried a piece of his soul with her empty casket. On the sixth anniversary of the crash, Michael returns home to spend Christmas with his family. His one and only hope is that this Christmas passes as quickly and quietly as the others have.

My Review:

This book, Winter's Blood is the second Novella I will be reviewing this week.  But I'm very excited about it.  I love reading about wolfs and this one was not a disappointment!

This novella is one that totally surprised me.  It grabbed a hold of me and kept me reading till the last page, but it was also one that had me begging for more once I had read the last word.  The plot is full of love and werewolf's, is a great mixture for this great story.

I was very excited to read a short story like this one and I hope the author will write more about this story and its characters.  I love how believable this story is and how much I cared what happened to these characters.  The author, Zachery Richardson, really knows how to write a story that holds your attention and keeps you in the story even when you have to walk away.

I couldn't get enough of Winter's Blood, I read it in a few short hours.    I would recommend this to anyone how loves Werewolf's and fantasy mixed in with a bit of love!

My Rating: 

Because of all the reason's above, I'm giving Winter's Blood a:

5 Clock Rating!!


About the Author

Born at the beginning of August, Zachery is very much a summer baby; despite being born in Washington and raised in Oregon. There are numerous reasons why Zachery (or Zach, as he prefers) started writing, but perhaps the biggest are his wildly overactive imagination, a deep love of all things fantastical and otherworldly, and a sixth grade teacher who finally let him use these tools to complete his homework assignments. The defining moment however, his official point-of-no-return, was a motivational speaker that came to his school in 8th grade to deliver this line of wisdom: “To be truly happy in life, find something you love doing, and then find someone who’ll pay you to do it.”

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