Book Review: The Mirror of The Moon by TRAVIS SIMMONS

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Title: The Mirror of The Moon
Category: Fantasy
Pub. Date: 03/15/2013
Publisher: Wyrding Ways Press
Format: E-Book
Pages: 265
ISBN#: 9781300696
Series: The Revenant Wyrd Saga #2

With the death of one of the companions, Grace must answer for the secrets she’s kept. The path before them is ever lengthening in their quest for Amber. There are changes they all must face, and when Joya enters her trials of sorcery, danger lurks around every corner. The power within Angelica and Jovian is strengthening and with it comes confusion. What are they? It is painfully obvious nothing like them has ever existed before. Why is it at times they seem more one person than two separate people? With all the mystery surrounding their latent power, Angelica stumbles upon a passage in a book of sorcery indicating she is evil. Could she be the Mask prophecy speaks of? Is she destined to turn against her own flesh? To make matters worse, the Well of Wyrding (a giant well that controls all sorcery) has been breached and wyrd itself is spiraling into chaos.  

My Review:   
All right, now this book started out fantastic and only got better. I was able to pick right up with this one and keep going. I absolutely love the title. 

With secrets being brought to light after trying to keep them in. And character Grace struggling with all of them. Character Joya also in the mist of sorcery, danger, powers that are changing things that are strange. Confusion, mystery, powers, and secrets that swirl around and are sometimes painful and then some exceptance. 

I was not at all surprised that this second book in this wonderful series has now made me look forward to what I am hoping for a third book. 

So, author Travis Simmons, will there be or not be a third?

A must read.  
I  recommend this to all my Thrill Seeking readers as well. Pick it up today and please let me know what you think.      

So due to the above, I am giving this book a Breath of Life ratings of: 

Five Clock Rating!!!  
Disclosure: I did receive this book for my honest opinion and review. But these opinions are my own and yours may differ. 


About the Author:   

 I have been writing since I was 14. I began writing a book called "The Calling of the Two" and while writing that on and off I started uncovering another idea.

"Yes, this is all well and good, but what about before? What happened in the world before these characters came into it?" I always knew there was a "before" and as I started wondering about it I got ideas. At first they were little ideas but as I discovered the names for my characters a whole story about them emerged.

I started working on The Revenant Wyrd Saga several years back and I am very happy I did because hearing and documenting Jovian and Angelica's story has been one wild ride.

I live in a remote part of upstate New York and honestly just hoofing around my neck of the woods gives me a ton of inspiration for my novels. I love research, and I love speculating on different ideas and theories.

While here why don't you check out some of my random thoughts and sample writing by visiting my blog?   



Travis Simmons said...

I am so very happy you loved these books! And yes, to be exact, there are 4 more books in the series. It will continue with The Well of Wyrding shortly. What you have read so far is only the tip of the iceberg of secrets and revelations for our young protagonists!

Rev. Kim Justice said...

Yeah!! Looking forward to reading more.

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