Monday, April 29, 2013

Glimpse into Mountain Charm by Sydney Logan

Hey everyone, today I have a great post to share with you.  A glimpse into author Sydney Logan's new book Mountain Charm.  This book is being released in July and I can't wait.  Enjoy!

Mountain Charm

by Sydney Logan


Angelina Clark gazed down at the shining candle. Its yellow flame flickered and glistened against the darkness of the living room. She had eagerly anticipated this day—her thirteenth birthday—since she’d been a little girl.

“Today is a special day,” her mother said, her voice solemn.

Growing up, Angelina had heard the legend that had been passed down from her grandmother. It was a fairy tale—much like Cinderella, but without the glass slipper or the wicked stepsisters. Instead, this story involved nothing but a shimmering candle and a simple song, both of which
would allow the young girl to blossom into a strong and intelligent young woman. She would be beautiful and—at the age of twenty-one—would find her true love.

It couldn’t be a fairy tale without true love.

Angelina had always been a skeptical child and wondered if there was any truth to the story, but she had never been able to ignore the evidence. With long black hair and piercing blue eyes, her mother was stunning. Celia Clark was joyful, gifted, and wise, and her husband loved her as much today as he had on the day they’d married.

“Are you ready?” Celia asked.

Angelina nodded. Her heart was thundering, and her hands were trembling, but her mother assured her this was to be expected. The ceremony was an important rite of passage in a daughter’s life—a sacred ritual that had been passed down from her ancestors. One day, Angelina would sit on the floor with her own daughter, and her daughter’s candle.

“I’m ready,” Angelina said, her voice brave.

Her mother smiled proudly at her daughter as they joined hands. Between them, the candle danced, casting shadows upon the walls.

Angelina closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and began to sing.

“True love and sweet whispers
Till death do us part;
Send someone to love
My Appalachian heart.”

Celia gave her daughter’s hand a reassuring squeeze. With her eyes still tightly closed, the young girl swiftly blew out the yellow flame.

Mountain Charm will be released on July 4, 2013.

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Thank you so much Sydney for sharing this with us.  I can't wait to read more of this book! I hope everyone has a great day today.  


Anonymous said...

I really like the pro lounge. The ceremony to become a women is great. I really wonder how Celia turns out.

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