Thursday, March 15, 2012

Book Review: God, Am I Nobody? By: Sheryl Young

Title: God, Am I Nobody?
Author: Sheryl Young
Category: Devotional
Pub. Date: 11-25-2011
Pub.: Treble Heart Books
Format: Paper Back
Pages: 115
ISBN#: 1936127814

As Christians, we can still struggle between two desires: Wanting success as the world defines it, or desiring to do what God wants us to do.

When conflict comes to Christian souls because of unfulfilling careers, lost expectations or life just seeming to pass by, it s time to discover a bigger picture of what might bring lasting joy, contentment and success.

Through a weaving of Bible verses, wise words from a humble missionary and applications to modern-day life, come discover why God has special reasons for using some people in the spotlight and some in the shadows.

About the Author

Sheryl Young found Jesus as Lord and Savior in 1987, completing her journey as a Jewish person who wanted to know the true Messiah. Over the next few years, her eyes opened to our socially and morally changing world. Since then, she s been writing on many issues as a way to reach out to people for Christ, and encouraging other believers to join her in continually striving for a deeper spiritual sense of who we can be for God.

Sheryl s articles have been seen in a widespread variety of newspapers, magazines and on the internet. In connection with blending her love for Jesus with her Jewish heritage, she s written one previous book: What Every Christian Should Know about the Jewish People (subtitled) Improving the Church s Relationship with God s Original Chosen Nation (Pleasant Word, 2008).


My Review

 When I first received Sheryl's book I thought oh wow, Pocket Size, Love it. But when I started reading it.. Oh My Oh My... Such a Powerful Pocket Size Book......

 Each and every chapter was packed full of such wisdom and the Word of God. And I so enjoyed reading it at night before going to bed. Not only was it a great ending to my day but it gave me some awesome things to pray about in my own life.

Just to give you a little bit, in chapter Three: "Leaving Ourselves Behind"..  Well that title just say's it all to me..  then add the Scripture,  Luke 9:23. And then the hymn "I Surrender All."
I so enjoyed reading this powerful packed book every day. If you enjoy learning God's word and doing devotional/studies..  You will Love Sheryl's book...

So to finish my review I will leave you with words from Sheryl's last chapter titled, "Finishing Well"  and the Scripture she used here, Isaiah 48:10-11. If you have noticed I am not telling you exactly what was written just title and Scripture, I have done that so that you will purchase the book and receive from the Lord the blessings that I did from reading it..

And for those reasons I am giving Sheryl's book, God, Am I Nobody? My rating of:
Five Clocks..... 











Sheryl said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful review! I'm giving thanks to God that He allowed it to minister to you. Thank you for your interest.

Rev. Kim Justice said...

You are so welcome Sheryl.... I enjoyed being apart of reading and reviewing God's word with you.. I know it was kinda laid out to be daily and study...but really wanted to get it done and out so others could know about your awesome book..

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