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Book Review: Last Resort by B. J. Robinson


Title:  Last Resort
Author:   B. J. Robinson
Category: Inspirational Christian Fiction
Pub. Date: July 15th 2011
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc.
Format: EBook
Pages:  227

Set in fictional Bridal Wreath and Key West, Florida, the backdrop of a strawberry farm turns dangerous for Faith, when she's stalked. Where will Faith be when the smoke clears? Will Faith and Matt's love survive? Pursued by an ex-fiancé, shattered dreams, an awesome God, and a cowboy farmer, there's only one place she can turn . . . .There's only one last resort

My Review

Oh My, Oh My!!!  I will start by saying I really appreciate a novel that I can sit and read without having to worry about any bad words or areas that you would rather not read in a book. And the Last Resort is a novel in which I would very much pass on to any one... including my seventeen year old granddaughter. Praise the Lord for Authors who can write an awesome story that includes suspense, laughter, anger, romance, fighting, (A Pink Lady) hint: you will need to read the novel to find out what that or who that pertains to.

B. J. Robinson is such an Author, and I am very pleased and honored to have previewed and to have been asked to review her novel. From the Dedication to the last page I was enthralled into another life and time. Last Resort took on a whole different meaning for me. Even though it was stated that some of the incidents were based on true events, the book is a work of fiction, I still found myself picking strawberries, fishing and other things that B.J. Robinson writes within the pages of her novel.

Faith Grace Roussell: One of the leading characters, and right off the bat is meet head on with another main character, Matt Allen. And I do mean, with a turned dinner upside down, Strawberry Cake all over him. Matt came into the room and ran face to face with Faith's prized strawberry shortcake. I loved it. What a way to open the novel. Faith is a good ole gale that has been hurt and decided to come back home to work the families strawberry farm. Matt Allen is a single, and "well-built as a cruise ship" type of man. And even though Faith is not looking for a man, after getting her strawberry cake dumped on him she at least has a good look.

Lilly is some one to be reckoned with if you get in her way. And Faith seems to do just that. Nan is Faiths friend and is great to give words of encouragement. and we can't for get to mention Sunflower, which is Faith's sweet and faithful little dog. Alright I know there is a couple more characters in the story, but for now the only one left to mention here is Fred, and on that note we will just say he is not in town to be nice. He wants Faith back in the city and back in his arms.

This novel made me cry, laugh, remember some good ole days myself!! And if you have ever been will lets just say "watched" and things just keep happening and you can't make sense of it... well this novel will take you there right off the bat. I am not going to give away any part of the novel, But you need to read this Last Resort, (A Pink Lady) and wonderful romance.

I enjoyed the scriptures and prayers through out the novel. The depending upon the Lord and asking for Him to take care of things. B. J. Robinson has done a wonderfully amazing job showing how if we put God first, no matter what we are going through we can get through....

So for that and her amazing writing of this novel I am giving this novel, Last Resort, my rating of

Five Clock Rating!!!


B. J. Robinson said...

Kim, thanks for taking the time to read and review Last Resort. I love the clock rating :) You have a beautiful blog. Blessings, BJ

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