Sunday, July 16, 2017

Update on my TBR list for 2017

Thought I would share with you an update as to where I am on "my TBR list for 2017."
I started with my choice for the "Classic Read" this year.  "Pride and Prejudice by Author Jane Austen.

I have finished my choice of a classic read, Pride and Prejudice. Yeah. If you read my first post for this list you know it had been a while since I had even tried to read a Classic. Well let me say here I was not sure about this one but I did finish.
 Now for the list below I am going to cross of what I have finished as well as some that will be added. So my list did start out a little small I have added to it.So here we go.  

So as I said above here is my update on where I am on my TBR list for this year. Please swing over and let me know what is on your TBR reading list for this year. Is there a "Classic" on your reading list? Also what other books are on your TBR list for 2017.


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