Monday, July 29, 2013

Category: Fantasy
Pub. Date: 02/2013
Format: Paperback
Pages: 359
ISBN#: 9780615771182  

Trained from birth as a hunter and fighter, Ticca wanted and got more. She learned military tactics from the very best. She was given access to much of the world's true history, stretching back beyond legend. Found worthy, the world's second-best warrior, whom even the Gods feared, finished her combat training. Ticca thought she was ready to join the ranks of military specialists for hire known as Daggers.
Able to control more power than even a full master mage from birth, Lebuin was sheltered and taught magic by the greatest wizards. He has rightfully earned his Journeyman Mage badge- except he isn't so sure he wants to explore the world. But all Guild wizards are required to travel, and Lebuin is sent out into the world. He quickly discovers reality isn't anything like what he read in books or expected.
A great mage is missing and Lebuin hopes to find him for clues to undiscovered magics. Lebuin hires Ticca to guide and protect him while he tracks down the missing wizard. Together they stumble into a hidden power struggle between a powerful Duke and a secret group of warriors with unbelievable skills and speed. The deadly conflict ignites a worldwide power struggle, a struggle in which the Gods themselves fear to intervene. As Ticca and Lebuin attempt to survive, they learn that they may hold the key to powers capable of destroying all the realms. Together they are far more powerful than they or anyone else ever imagined.
Can a new Dagger and Journeyman mage manage to stay alive long enough to figure out what powers they control? Who can they trust as both are targeted for assassination and relentlessly hunted?

My Review:  
What an amazing, outstanding and yet again one of those kind of books when I first started reading was not to sure I would be able to get all the way into it. 

But let me just state that I was about half way when I had realized that in the back of the book, and due to me loosing my marker in the book there is something that I had not seen written out quit this way by an author. And quite frankly was a little disappointed in MYSELF... that I had not seen this before I got into reading. Why your asking right? Well there is a cliffhanger page from author Leeland Artra on cliffhangers..  I Loved reading it. Then a page about the author and a PERSONAL NOTE from him. AWESOME.. And then I turned another page to find a LEBUIN'S LEXICON on lands/people, Gods, places, titles/positions, people and things as well as explaining money from the book. After reading this part and then the map in the front even more of the book became way more to life for me. Not that if I had not read this that I wouldn't understand or love the book, it was just  more en depth for me. Love Love Love this idea and wish that some books that I have read would have had more of something like this in them as well. 

This is a great read by one amazing author. If you love reading fantasy go and grab this book up and devour it. I do recommend, at least for this one, go to the back and read the last 15 pages first..  I know, I know...  lol.. normally I don't recommend this. But it does put just more in to the read to know more of this. 

Okay, So read the synopsis, check the map, then go to the back and read the lexicon at least, then go back to chapter one and devour the book the way I finished it.

So due to the above, I am giving this book a Breath of Life ratings of: 

Five Clock Rating!!!  
Disclosure: I did receive this book for my honest opinion and review. But these opinions are my own and yours may differ. 

About the Author:  

 I live in the Emerald City (Seattle, Washington) with my wonderful wife and seriously idea-inspiring kids.
The first half of my life was "wasted" (as my mother said once) being an avid science-fiction/fantasy reader. Of course I had to earn money so I joined the US Navy and they trained me to be a computer scientist. Naturally the after "work" time was more important as I was busy with all my friends learning to be a table-top gamer. I always spun stories about the games just to add color. Everyone enjoyed it and said I should write some game expansion modules. (I did, but, only for friends.)
After twenty years of thinking I should publish I finally got serious in 2012, pulling out all the notes and ideas I had stored, and set down to learn how to be a professional writer. I spent 4 to 8 hours almost every day reading on how to write, exploring the publishing world through articles and books. I liked the idea of being an "Indie Author" so I started chatting with more and more Indie authors developing some wonderful friendships. They encouraged me and in only a year of hard labor I had my first book and enough materials for dozens more ready.
I learned that I get as much joy from writing my own books as I do from reading books by other authors. My goal is to eventually transition to full-time writing someday. But, for now there is the reality of a mortgage and looming college expenses, so I still work as a software engineer (which I like referring to as being a code janitor) for Expedia.
In short, by day I help people take fabulous vacations, and at night I help people take even more fantastic trips of the imagination. This is kind of a cool way to live. Helping people have happier lives appeals to the Dagger in my soul. The symmetry of my work appeals to the Navy-trained computer scientist in me.
If you like Fantasy and Science-Fiction feel free to drop me a note I'd love to hear from you. I am still an avid science-fiction/fantasy reader and enjoy finding new books and authors to talk about and friends to enjoy talking about such things.

Thank you for being interested enough to read all this.

Stay Sharp!
+ Leeland   

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