Book Review: Mocked by Faith Affirming The Faith by Michele Richard

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Title: Mocked by Faith Affirming The Faith
Author: Michele Richard
Category: Christian Romance
Pub. Date: 01/04/2013
Publisher: Renaissance Romance Pub.
Format: E-Book
ISBN#:  0615735169

Series: Mocked by Faith #4

The time has come for Alexia and Justin McNear to move out of their beloved home at The Gates, a hidden gated community where time doesn’t change the way of life. It's time for a new start with the birth of a new community, and children to raise in the faith they cherish. Alexia and Justin’s challenges are far from a thing of the past. Life’s not always perfect. This is a fact these two know all too well. Together they’ll have to remind each other nothing is ever perfect.
Alexia has grown to accept her husband and her role in life, but now, new issues will arise, and force her to fight to keep her family together and safe. Her days of insecurities may be behind her, but she’ll be tested to see if she’s really ready to be a minister’s wife.
Justin has learned the error of his ways and will stop at nothing to protect his family and faith. Now a minister, he must show his parishioners he’s more than capable of leading them. There are no challenges or disabilities too great to overcome.
Together they’ll have to select the perfect spouses to contract for their children and lead L’├«le d’anges, the new community left in their trust to build. In a world of arranged marriages and dominating husbands, things are not always as they seem. Even with the small progresses their faith has made, they’ll cling to the ways of the past generations.
They’re in for an uphill battle when Mother Nature sets her eye upon them. Locked away from anyone to help them, they’ll have to rely on each other and their faith to see them through.
Is history repeating itself? When one son has no match, what then? Can they beat the clock before it’s too late?
My Review:          
Oh My Oh My... Author Michele Richard has done it again. Mocked by Faith Affirming The Faith was awesome. Was not sure if this book was going to take me places like the other books in this series did. But Boy oh Boy it did. 

Her main characters, Alexia and Justin are still so down to earth. But as with in the pages of the previous books, Alexia and Justin are dealing with not only their new ministry, but their own life as well. 

The story line is picked up with Alexia excepting her role and Justin taking on his as well as they are both being looked upon as leaders within their new mission. Will they manage this without it causing even more issues within their home?

I have so enjoyed reading about this hidden gated community and their faith. Will certainly be looking for more from author Michele Richard. 

So due to the above, I am giving this book a Breath of Life ratings of: 

Five Clock Rating!!!  
Disclosure: I did receive this book for my honest opinion and review. But the opinions are my own and yours may differ. 

About The Author:

Michele Richard is the proud mother of 2 daughters. Married since 1997 to a wonderful husband, who for 25 years has been her best friend and supporter. Author of Mocked by Destiny, Mocked by Faith, Mocked by Faith ~ Healing the Faith, (Novellas) Life is More Than Candy Hearts (Changes of the Heart), Harvest Treats (10 Days to Love), and the series Parasouls ~ Divine Intervention.
In 2012 she opened Renaissance Romance Publishing with two other authors to help new writers find their way into the publishing world.



RE Hargrave said...

With a review like that, how could you NOT want to run out and get it ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Highly descriptive post, I loved that bit. Will there be a part 2?

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