Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Challenge Update:

I am sending out this Christmas Challenge to invite all my readers to see who can read the most Christmas Books between now and December the 25th, at midnight. I have placed a list of my Christmas books that I will be trying to read myself. They are under "Christmas list" 

So if you are interested in participating in this Challenge please leave a comment here with you name and what book or books you will be starting with.  And at lest once a week please let us know where you are at. I will do a post at least every other day if not daily on here. 

  Okay everyone... how did you do yesterday and today? 

I have finished four out of my 205 Christmas book that I have. I have made a pretty good dent in the five that I am reading at the moment.

I just posted a review on one of the ones I finished, Priceless Christmas  Please swing by and check it out. 

So what are you working on? Please comment here and let me know. 

Enjoying my Christmas Challenge and hope you will also. 


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