Friday, September 28, 2012

Book Review: DAWNSINGER Tales of Faeraven by Janalyn Volgt

Author: Janalyn Volgt
Category: Fantasy
Pub. Date: 06/29/2012
Publisher: Harbourlight
Format: Paperback
Pages: 342
 Tales of Faeraven #1

The High Queen is dying… At the royal summons, Shae mounts a wingabeast and soars through the air to the high hold of Faeraven, where all is not as it seems. Visions warn her of danger, and a dark soul touches hers in the night. When she encounters an attractive but disturbing musician, her wayward heart awakens. But then there is Kai, a guardian of Faeraven and of Shae. Secrets bind him to her, and her safety lies at the center of every decision he makes. On a desperate journey fraught with peril and the unknown, they battle warlike garns, waevens, ferocious raptors, and the wraiths of their own regrets. Yet, they must endure the campaign long enough to release the DawnKing—and the salvation he offers—into a divided land. To prevail, each must learn that sometimes victory comes only through surrender.

My Review:
Suspense, danger, visions, love, secrets, okay enough of one word descriptions. "I LOVE THIS BOOK!" All of those special things that alone might not stand in a book, but author Janalyn Volgt has taken all of them and many many more to this awesome book.

DawnSinger is a wonderful character that in all my imagination meets the one character that I loved getting to know. Let me just say that (and some may know the game) I play a game that I can fly on strange animals and fight or search for all kinds of thing and that is just part of it. This book allowed me to see some different sides of things. 

Author Janalyn Volgt writing is amazing. She colors the scenery, worlds and characters in such a way that your imagination is all over the place. But at the same time you are drawn so far into DawnSinger's world that you feel you are actually there. 

So due to the above I am giving this book a Breath of Life Rating of:

Five Clock Rating!!!

Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for my review. The opinions are mine. And your opinion may differ. 


About The Author:

It happened over time. My father instilled a love of literature in me at an early age when he read chapters from "The Wizard of Oz," "Robinson Crusoe" and other classics as bedtime stories. When I grew older, and he stopped reading bedtime stories, I put myself to sleep with tales I "wrote" in my head. As a precocious reader, I soon graduated to the novels in my parent's bookcase. I'm sure those books contributed to my growth as a writer. Eventually, I scribbled my own stories on paper. A teacher noticed my storytelling ability when I was twelve. As a result of his encouragement, I identified my desire to write novels.
DawnSinger is my debut novel and the first offering in Tales of Faeraven. I and my publisher, Harbourlight Books, have already begun work on WayFarer, the next in my epic fantasy series. My website is
I also write western romance novels, and will publish in that genre under Janalyn Irene Voigt. I am represented by Barbara Scott of Wordserve Literary. I serve as a judge for several national literary contests and am an Amazon top book reviewer. My memberships include ACFW and NCWA.
I live in a beautiful corner of the Pacific Northwest. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, gardening, and finding adventures in the great outdoors. I dream of owning a horse, exploring all the national parks, and visiting European castles.

Make sure you check out this great book, the link is below, just click it!!! 


Janalyn Voigt, creating worlds of beauty and danger said...

Kim, thanks for such a glowing review of DawnSinger. It brings me joy to know how well you experienced the world I created.

Rev. Kim Justice said...

You are so welcome Janalyn Voigt, I so enjoyed the book.

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