Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Book Review: Mocked By Destiny by Michele Richard

      Title: Mocked by Destiny
      Author: Michele Richard
       Category:   Fictional
       Pub. Date: 2-24-11
       Publisher: TWSC PH
       Pages:  345
       ISBN #  9781612130

For Stella Richards, life in the charming town of Virginia Beach is not as magical as one would think. Sun, fun, and sand only guarantee one thing, unwanted visitors. Stella learned long ago to never befriend anyone visiting the beach. They're here; then they're gone, drifting in and out as the tide ebbs and flows. She vowed to never connect with anyone vacationing in Virgina Beach - until spring break. Stefan changed everything. Stefan Sterling lives life never knowing where he will end up next. Bouncing from one Military base to another has hampered his ability to connect to those around him. That's what happens when your father is a high-ranking officer in the military. Raised in a world of discipline, control, and strangers, Stefan never expected to find anyone he'd want to be close to...let alone love. A family curse verses a loving abnormality promises to keep Stella and Stefan on their toes. Was it an accident or could it be destiny? Will they be able to survive their families? And, is there ever a time when you can fully let go of the person who awoke your soul? A story of love, sacrifice, and growing up before it's time.

My Review:

Oh My! First just let me say that this was my second book written by Michele Richards. Absolutely Loved  the first and Absolutely Loved this one. Also like the first, once I started reading it I could not put it down. Took it every where. 

My emotions through out Mocked by Destiny where all over the place once again. Michele has a way of making it to where you put yourself in the characters shoes. Right away it has you caught up into that world, that life, and all that goes with it. You cry, laugh, get angry, feel their pain, and talk back to the book like some do to their T.V.'s. 

Can we change our destiny? Stella believes that if any girl in her family can, she can. She has actually made great strides up till she is almost grown and out on her own.  But is she really happy or just cut off from every thing and one? Stellas side of the family is quite the story within a story. Let's just say that Stella has the right to feel the way she does. I will try very hard not to reveal any thing important.

Is there such thing as true love at first sight? I can honestly say on this, I do believe that when you meet someone that totally makes you want to be with them, let's just say. Age may also play apart. But to each there own on this.

Now for Stefan's side of the family, some what like Stella's, they are quite the story themselves. Being raised military there were some let just say, not fond of outsiders...... Here is were I had some talks with the book, lol. 

I Love how these two find each other. The way they take their lives into their own hands. With help from one from both sides, possible these two may have a chance of controlling their destiny. Growing up, dealing with so many different issues, more than you will ever know if you just let the title and cover decide how this book goes. 

The Author, Michele Richard has amazingly caught my attention and held it all the way to the end once again. I will continually read novels written by her. I usually prefer Christian books only. And although, Michele does not write her stories within that specific genre,(let's just put here due to some language and sexual context I would not consider it under that genre) she is completely an amazing writer. And therefore she has my attention and will look forward to her next book, and many more to come there after. 

"A story of love, sacrifice, and growing up before it's time." 

So due to the above I am giving this book a Breath of Life Rating of:

Five Clock Rating!!!

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Ali said...

This is a great review!!! I love all of Michele's Books, she is an amazing author!

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