Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Guest Post: What Makes a Good Book By Michele Richard

We would love to welcome Author Michele Richards and to Thank her for stopping by for a guest post for us.  Glad you are here Michele. 

So let's see what Author Michele Richards has to say on: What Makes a Good Book? 

Guest Post: What Makes a Good Book by Michele Richards

Very good question. For me it’s the not knowing. All too often I read a book and know where it’s going long before I get there. I want to be surprised and gasp at a sudden change of direction. Hook me and keep me there. Don’t ever us a formula or template. I don’t read cookie cutter books. If I can guess what’s going to happen I tend to walk away.

Also a must do – give me the flawed, fumbling, and frazzled characters. There is no Mr. Perfect so I don’t want to read about one. I want to see the main characters messing up and fighting to fix it. If I can yell at them or laugh with them then you have me.

One sure fire way to lose me as a reader is grotesque violence against women or men for that matter. I have never been able to read about rape, abuse, cheating, or anything of that nature. It’s not to say I don’t like angst, because I don’t mind most heartbreak, but like all readers, I have my limits on what I can read.
My favorite books to read are from some of the unknown authors. They have a passion they put in their writing. I like stories where you cry or sigh with the characters. Pour your emotions onto a page and I will read it, but if you’re just slapping words onto paper for the sales, I’ll lose interest fast.

Want me for a reader? Then start baring your soul, give your book your heart, and dazzle me.

Thank you so much Michele Richard for being on the blog today and sharing this guest post with us! Also thanks for writing your amazing stories!!! 

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Ali said...

Great Guest post!!! Michele you and I are the same way when it comes to reading books!!!

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