Friday, October 21, 2011

Book Review: Mocked by Faith by Michele Richard

           Title:     Mocked by Faith
           Author: Michele Richard
           Category:  Fiction
           Pub. Date:  August 25, 2011
           Publisher:  The Writer's Coffee Shop P. H.
           Pages: 227
           ISBN#:  9781612130545
           Format:  ARC EBook


For Alexia Cross and Justin McNear, things are not what they seem. Both were born and raised in hidden, gated communities. A place where time virtually stands still and marriages are arranged by parents before a child’s 18th birthday.

Alexia is destined to be her community’s first spinster. In a last ditch effort, a husband is found. The only complication? He has no idea he has been betrothed. Will his history of dating outsiders help or hinder his relationship with his future wife?

Justin McNear searched outside his church for the woman of his dreams. Returning home after failing, he knows he needs to rectify his life and his faith. Can a woman he’s never met make him whole again?

Will this couple end up mocked by their own faith? Follow Alexia and Justin through the trials and tribulations of finding, falling, and surviving each other's love. It’s never easy saying “I do” to someone you don’t know.(less)

  My Review:                                  
 Well where do I start, I cried, laughed, got angry, lets just say my emotions where all over the place. And not just for Alexia and Justin, but for all the characters. A gripping story of a Religious gated community. Truly interesting. I found myself actually a part of the story. I could not put it down. Started reading it around 8 pm and read until 1 am. got up did a few things around the house but had to go and finish reading. Finished it that day. But let me just say here in my opinion this book is for young adults and adults. I know the story is about teenagers, but due to the explicit sexual language I feel it should not be for young readers. 

I have read stories of arranged marriages before. But the way this marriage arrangement was done, let's just say that I had some questions as to, weather or not could there really be a religion like this. Where or how it started? I could go on with the many questions I did have. Needless to say I was on the edge of my seat waiting for what was going to happen. 

At first the split narrative caught me off guard. Had not read a book like that. Alexia's and Justin's details of their life's before their marriage, and afterwards totally had me engrossed in the book. Their true life struggles with their religion, marriage, their past, their future, careers, family and much, much more, just made it so real. Like so many teens today, they struggled with the fears and the dreams for the future. 

The Author, Michele Richard has diffidently caught my attention due to her way of pulling you into her characters life's. Not just Alexia and Justin's, but the whole cast of characters here in the gated community. I found myself asking what would I do in their situation. And in one particliualer spot I actually cried so hard due to something very similar happening in my own life..... 

So, as to this book review on Mock by Faith, if you have a taste for mystery, rocky beginnings, dreams, true forgiveness, struggles of forgiving yourself, the urge to withdrawal, and many more. Than this is a book for you. You will not regret reading it!!! 

                           "It is never easy saying I do to someone you don't know"

 I can not wait till her next book is out!
So due to the above I am giving this book a Breath of Life Rating of:

     Five Clock Rating!!!

Make sure you check out this great book, the link is below, just click it!!


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