Sunday, May 12, 2013

Book Review: the KEEPER of DAWN by J.B. HICKMAN

Title: the KEEPER of DAWN
Author: J.B. HICKMAN
Category: Contemporary/Young Adult
Pub. Date: 10/01/2012
Publisher: Shadeflower Press
Format: Paperback
Pages: 294
ISBN#: 0983582904

Groomed for greatness, 15-year-old Jacob Hawthorne is sent to boarding school against his will. With a self-absorbed mother, an estranged father, and an older brother on the other side of the world, only the unlikely friendship with his grandfather can lure Jacob back home. But home feels like a distant memory from the shore of Raker Island, the isolated campus of one of the Northeast's elite boarding schools. As the surrogate bonds of a cloistered all-boys school fall into place, Jacob finds himself among other sons of privilege who suffer the same affliction-growing up in their fathers' shadow. But when tragedy strikes, Jacob is forced to journey into the past to reclaim a well-guarded family secret.  

My Review:   
First of all let me say that this book turned out to actually keep my focus and it ended well. But I kinda had a little bit of a slow start with it. The first few chapters just didn't grab my attention. And that would be the one thing that was off.

Author J.B. Hickman has an great writing style further in the book and lead me to want to read on to the end and then want more. 

At times I wanted to give character Jacob Hawthorne and real piece of my mind. Then I would change my mind to feeling sorry for him. 

If you are young at heart or any age this book is for you. 

And so due to the above I am giving this book as of now a Breath of Life Rating of:

Four Clock Rating!!!

Disclosure: I did receive this book in exchange for my review. But the opinions are mine, your opinion may differ, and that is fine with me.


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