Book Review: CASA de Naomi The House of Blessing by PAULA ROSE MICHELSON

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Title: CASA de Naomi The House of Blessing
Pub. Date: 02/19/2013
Publisher: Tate Publisher
Format: Paper back
Pages: 252
ISBN# 1622951069
Saga:  Book Two

Naomi wants Chaz's love. Chaz loves Naomi but will not forgive his wife lying to him. The attorney wants Naomi's estate. The padre wants the couple to reconcile. Nicco wants to marry Lucinda. Lucinda wants to marry Nicco. Neither will wed until Chaz and Naomi are standing with them when they say their wedding vows. Who will get what they want? Find out when you read the second volume of Paula Rose Michelson's saga, Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing.  

My Review:  
This is my second book of author Paula Rose Michelson, and within the past year I have become acquainted with author Paula Michelson and have enjoyed talking with her several times. Author Michelson has wonderful insight and love for her characters and their life's. I have fallen  in love with her writing style and the flow of her books. Characters, Chaz and Naomi have become part of my reading life and I can not wait until their life is continued in the next saga's. 

This story has picked up from where the first book Casa de Naomi left off and it did not leave you wondering about any thing within the story line. As within the first review, linked here,
"Secrets, memories, family, torn apart, love, discovery, a life long dream. How do all these things come together for Naomi?"

Now we have other characters in this book to look forward to getting to know and live their story with them. What decisions will they make? Where will Chaz and Naomi end up? How will they influence the others? Will secrets of old still hinder their lifes? What about the Padre and his influence? Author Paula Michelson has placed within the pages of this paperback book an awesome, amazing words of truth and dreams that life's take on the journey of life for the characters of this wonderful saga. Makes me wonder what influence do I have? Or am I influencing anyone. It seem's that the life's of Nicco and Lucinda hinge on the influence or behavior of Chaz and Naomi. What will they do?

I love to read books that pull you into the pages as if you are living it yourself. Author Paula Rose Michelson certainly does that! From the time you pick up one of her books you will not want to put it down. From the first time I spoke to author Michelson I was completely engaged in reading the first saga. From there I have come to have such admiration for her personally as well as her writing. 

I recommend these book to all my followers. You should put this amazing Saga on your TBR list and bookshelves, so to be able to read about the life's of young ladies, and young men growing up in times when you might have to hide from the world your true identity..  I am totally in-thralled in author Paula Rose Michelson's saga... all the hidden truths, beliefs that shake up each character at one time or another. 

As you know I will not get directly into the book or reveal tibits of the book other than what the synopsis says. But once again in this Amazing Saga, author Paula Rose Michelson has captured me in her saga and I will be waiting on pins and needles till the next one is out. She is diffidently on of my all time FAVORITE and a AWESOME Author. All of the Characters were so amazing. And as in the first book, the biblical references were so to the point, as well as the interesting facts of the book. The different cultures were also amazing to learn how different things are. Will not go any further due to not wanting to give away any more about the book. It is Diffidently A Must Read!
So, for the best story line, awesome characters, fantastic heroine, for leaving me wanting more, if I could, would give an even bigger rating. I am giving CASA de Naomi The House of Blessing Book Two by Paula Rose Michelson my Breath of Life rating of:  


Five Clock Rating!!!  
Disclosure: I did receive this book for my honest opinion and review. But these opinions are my own and yours may differ.


About the Author  

I am an author who loves to encourage others.

Twenty-five years ago, I founded LAMB (Life Affirming Messages from the Bible) Ministries. This ministry uses Scripture and prayer to help women recover from trauma and abuse. Furthermore, it gives these ladies the tools they need to continue to grow in the Lord.

Although I write fiction, my love for the Word of God and the healing balm of his love shows up in my work, and that blesses me immensely.

My husband Ron is a field missionary with Chosen People Ministries, and until Messiah called me to write to fulfill the Great Commission; I served on staff as well.  


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