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Hello gang, I am so excited to present to you here on Breath Of Life today a very awesome book and an amazing author!  I have author Dianne Lynn Gardner with us for an interview!

I want to thank her for first being here today and for also allowing me to read and post my review of her outstanding book,  THE DRAGON SHEILD.....

So with no further wait, here is the interview:    

First of all would like to say Thanks Kim for having me here.

Well you are Welcome DIANNE, so let's just get right into the interview.

Can you tell us something interesting about your writing process?

I think the most interesting and unusual thing about my writing process is that I write in sort of a 3D fashion.

That sounds a little crazy, but really, it’s true. What I mean is, when I invent a character, I keep my eyes out for their reality twin. I’ve found some people who fit the description, not just physically, but other ways, too, my main characters especially. The neatest thing about this is that their personalities adapt well to the story! Alex, Ian’s dad, for instance, just happened to show up at an art event I facililtated a few years ago. A friend and SCA enthusiast and I a plein air painter would gather models and artists and set up an all day tableaux vivant. The models were all authentic, even down to the saddles on the horses. Well, Robert Odekirk, a reenactor and boy scout leader, was the perfect Alex Wilson and I told him about my story and asked him if he would go into the Realm. He said, “You bet!” So he posed for the portrait in the first book, starred in both my trailers, and actually made me a real shield to use on the cover, the trailer, and for book signings.

And to make things even more amazing, Robert Odekirk is Ian’s dad. Really! Stuart Odekirk posed for me for the illustrations and in the trailer. I was amazed with how well he put himself into the story. I hope to be doing an interview on my blog with the both of them!

I also bring a 9 foot dragon painting to my book signings. I think I’m kind of crazy!

Who is your favorite character in The Dragon Shield? Why?

Ian. I just love the kid. He has brought such an appreciation for youth to my heart. It’s been a joy discovering his thought process, his hopes, his fears, and helping him through all that so that he can become a man. Ian is very special to me.

Do you follow a Writing schedule or just write whenever you get a chance?

A schedule is nice. But it’s becoming more about whenever I have the chance!

I love the cover of this book, how long did it take you to create it?

This cover is part of the 9 foot dragon painting. The painting is a triptych, three panels and each panel has an element of the book cover. It took about six months to complete. Dragons are very difficult to render. I haven’t found any that will sit still long enough.

The shield on the cover is the shield that Robert Odekirk made for me.

Well that is the end of the interview here at Breath of Life with DIANNE LYNN GARDNER, author of THE DRAGON SHIELD. Thanks again DIANNE for being here with us and sharing somethings about you and the book. 

And make sure to check out my review here on Breath of Life.


Dianne L Gardner said...

Thank you for the interview, Kim! I really enjoyed being part of your blog!

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