Thursday, February 20, 2014

Inspiration to Refresh Your Soul

Title: You Are Loved
Author: Darlene Sala
Category: Devotional
Pub. Date: 02/01/2014
Publisher: Barbour Books
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
ISBN#: 1624166601

It’s true that life is hard. But it’s equally true that God is good! Popular author Darlene Sala will refresh your heart with that message in this new devotional. This beautifully packaged, 90-entry follow-up to her recent devotional You Are Blessed will show God’s heart for you, His concern for the trials and struggles you face. Addressing issues such as loneliness, stress, aging, and money, Sala (author of Created for a Purpose and Encouraging Words for Women) reminds you that God is always watching, listening, and loving. When you’re feeling tired and drained by life, find strength in the Bible-based encouragement of You Are Loved.  

My Review:  
As many of you know I do love a good devotional. To read some of others thoughts and the way God can take a Scripture that you may have read time and time again. But when reading the reason behind or the thoughts of someone else on that Scripture. 

God's Inspiration to man. The Spoken Word. His Word is Love. Gods Word is encouraging, and everlasting. The Inspiration of Gods Word is also for our Instruction, a road map for our life. 

While reading this book of devotion and inspiration written by author Darlene Sala. Between the beautiful cover of this book is some absolutely pages of refreshing insight on how and why God Loves Us. 

Ladies, Young and older need to pick this soul feeling devotional. I so loved how it was laid out and how it not only gave me the scripture's and some of her own thoughts or feelings. But these pages are filled with God's Grace and Everlasting Love  for all of us ladies that have feelings of being alone, not good enough, or that God could never forgive and love me times in our lives. 

Author Darlene Sala has a wonderful way of showing us how to not just cope with issues in our life, but thru scripture and spending some quite time reflecting, giving it all, emptying our self out to the Lord. Then author Darlene Sala tells us to let God Fill Our Lives.    

Life is Hard so it says in the synopsis. But the author also says here that, "God is Good!"

So if you are looking for a new devotional for your self, or possible you need an idea for a gift for a friend. I whole heartedly recommend "You Are Loved!" You will not regret it I promise. Another Idea I am playing around after working on this review, I have been working on trying to think of something to send my daughter and daughter n laws for Easter. These Devotional would be awesome to place in a basket along side a high lighter and possible a blank journal to go along with it. 

There you go, this is my review, my thoughts and now my Breath of Life Rating of: 

   Five Clock Rating!   

Disclosure: I did receive the above book in exchange for my honest opinion and or review. But the Opinions are my own and yours may differ.


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