Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Guest Post by Author Violet Patterson

So today I have a great guest post from author Violet Patterson and I will be reviewing her book shortly as well.  Let's see what a day in her life is like. 

Day in the Life of author Violet Patterson

No day is the same for me.  Truly, I try to have a routine because I know it is best for my kids but it is because of them that I never really have one.  As a parent I never know what is going to happen and I cherish the days when no fires need to be extinguished from sunrise to sunset.  During the week the kids have school and I have my day job at a Visitors and Convention Bureau so there is something static about that.  My kids are old enough to have activities after school and homework, old enough to require significant prompting to complete their chores and old enough to have a lot of silly fun.  

My daughter is eight and she is excited about everything.  I am teaching her how to sew and we are writing a book together – Weather Girl, watch for it because it is her brainchild and yes, I know I am biased, but it’s pretty brilliant.  My son is seven and he has more specific interests, he loves to build and draw.  Both of my kids craft and bake with me - a lot.  Factor in some sports and we are some busy people.  I’m teaching my kids that life is short, too short to waste time lying around – not that we don’t appreciate a little lounging, especially on Sundays.  

When do I write then?  Whenever I can.  I usually sit down every night once the kids are in bed and write until the words don’t come anymore.  Some nights I am up until the wee hours of morning, other times I fall asleep early rather than forcing ideas.  I write pretty much whenever I have a free moment, I sometimes have my netbook open while I’m preparing dinner just so that I can jot some ideas down or a short conversation between characters.  I have notes on scraps of paper and post it notes, memos on my phone and iPod.  

That’s my day, never typical but always worthwhile.

About the Author 

Violet Patterson was born in northwestern Ohio and spent her childhood forcing her younger brother and sister to put on plays she penned about Care Bears and Smurfs. From there, she moved on to children's stories - unfortunately works like "Adventures of Super Cookie" were never released to the masses. Ms. Patterson graduated from Miami University with a degree in psychology and minor in criminology. After several years in the professional world, she stopped brainstorming and started writing again. "Ryder on the Storm - Emerald Seer #1" is Ms. Patterson's debut novel. The sequel, “Light My Fire” was released in December 2011. The sole Emerald Seer novella, “Whiskey, Mystics, and Men” was released the following spring and by mid 2013 the series was completed with “Love Her Madly” and “End of the Night.” Violet Patterson resides in Ohio where her two children keep her active and entertained. For more on the Emerald Seer Series, visit Ms. Patterson's blog at http://emeraldseer.blogspot.com and folllow on twitter @booksbyviolet


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