Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Category: Adult, Fantasy
Pub. Date: 08/30/2012
Publisher: No Boundaries Press
Format: E-Book
ISBN#: B0094K5V4C

What kind of a rock star lives in a small town in the middle of nowhere and plays at weddings and funerals? Then Jack Scratch comes into his life, ready to represent him and launch him to stardom. Jack can give him everything: a new band, a new name, a new life, a new look, and new boots…although they aren’t exactly new. They once belonged to The One, a rocker so legendary and so mysterious that it’s urban legend that he used black magic to gain success. But what does Jeremiah care about urban legend? And it’s probably just coincidence that the shoes make him dance better than anyone, even if it doesn’t always feel like he’s controlling his movements. It’s no big deal that he plunges into a world of excess and decadence as soon as he puts the shoes on his feet, right? But what happens when they refuse to come off?    

My Review:   
Well I will get this out of the way, there is some foul language in this book. Not a lot but just enough that I again count it. 

Now with that being said. Author Selah Janel is one amazing author. Her writing is, lets say, Out there! I loved the story line and the characters. 

This book is for adults who love to read about some mystery, unexplainable tall tales that were told or real and possible stretched way out. But let me tell you this. Rather from real stories or made up the characters here are so well written that you will believe. 

Author Selah Janel has taken magic, show biz, her writing and made it seem so real that you are in the front row and mesmerized right along side the other audience members.

So grab hold of your fantasy and get into this book and read it for yourself. Which side of the stage will you be on?  

So due to the above I am giving this book a Breath of Life Rating of:

    Four Clock Rating!!!

Disclosure: I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion and review. The opinions are mine. And your opinion may differ. 

About the Author:  
Selah Janel has been blessed with a giant imagination since she was little when she wondered if fairies lived in the nearby state park and worried that vampires hid in the old barns outside of town. Her appreciation for a good story was enhanced by a love of reading, the many talented storytellers that surrounded her, and a healthy curiosity for everything. A talent for warping everything she learned didn’t hurt, either.

She gravitates to writing fantasy and horror but has a deep love of children’s and YA literature and can be convinced to pursue any genre if the idea is good enough. Often her stories feature the unknown creeping into the “real” world and she loves to find the magical in the mundane.

Her first title ‘Mooner’ is a historical, vampire-centric horror story from No Boundaries Press. She will have stories included in upcoming issues of 'The MacGuffin,' 'The Realm Beyond,' and the 2012 Wicked East Press Anthology 'Bedtime Stories for Girls.' She also writes about women's roles and perceptions in genre fiction and film for the Fandom Fest blog Fandom Scene.

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